Triple goddess jewelry


This triple goddess gemstone pendant from Cybermoon Emporium witchcraft supplies is so enchanting!

Moonstone Pendant

The pendant is made of sterling silver, and it has an enchanting rainbow moonstone that is set in the center. It is small enough to be worn on a charm bracelet or on a necklace chain. It is delicate looking and inspires a delicate goddess look. The pendant does not come with the silver chain but does include a simple necklace cord.

This pendant is so gorgeous and inexpensive. It comes in Amethyst, Black Onyx, Garnet, Hematite, Lapis, Moonstone, or Peridot. My favorite is the moonstone, which is a a talisman of good fortune. I love Witchcraft Supplies they have a wonderful online store and plenty of beautiful jewelry inexpensively priced for the goddess Wiccan.

Witchcraft Jewelry

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