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Eyebrow Goddess

Do you wonder how models get that ethereal look to their faces?  The exotic look is so becoming on a goddess and one thing that can help you acheive that look is learning to shape your own eyebrows.  I’ll give you a top beauty secret.  Part of that appeal you see in mystical photographs online is obviously retouching and Photo-shop.  Part however, is in the eyebrows.  Learning how to do your eyebrows can really overhaul your face and enhance your natural beauty.  With the right eyebrow shape you can make your face look more exotic, more intriguing, younger, and more ethereal. 

Celebrity stylists are well aware of this secret beauty trick and they make ample use of it with their celebrity clients.

The fastest way to improve your eyebrow eye-Q is to check out the various stencil kits and eyebrow shaping tools from the experts such as Anastasia, the eyebrow stylist to the stars.  Clip out magazine photographs or download photos from online of eyebrow shapes you like.  The key to eyebrows is to have the brow start and end in the right place.  Hold a pen straight up from the side of your nostril to know where to start the brow.  Angle the pen from the nostril to the outer corner of your eye to know where to end it.  As for the shape, you’ll want a gentle arch that has a slight lift right at the outer corner of your eyeball.

Now for the tools.  You’ll need an eyebrow brush and a precision eyebrow hair cutting scissors.  Brush the brows out and then trim ends that go out of bounds of the shape you desire.  This will clean up the brow look and open up your eyes.  Now take a good tweezers and carefully pluck the out of bound hairs out.  Next, take an eyebrow pencil that is slightly lighter than your natural brow color.  Pencil in sparse areas and extend the brow out slightly.  If you don’t like the harsh look of the eye pencil you can use a natural brown shadow with a precision makeup brush to fill in eyebrows.

If this all seems too complicated then to get that goddess look cut out pictures of eyebrow shapes that you like.  Take that to the salon and get a professional waxing, tweezing and shaping of the brow.  If the brows turn out as you like, just use the tweezers and littler scissors to keep the look going.  As the hair comes in, trim and tweeze.  If you can’t keep the brows up make sure to get into a salon every few months to have them cleaned up.  It is definitely worth it.  Part of the polish of the faces you’ll see in photographs featuring goddesses, witches and fairies, is that their makeup is done neatly.  A penciled in brow will give you eyes a pop and make your beauty stand out.  If you have a plain Jane look try penciling in the brows and wearing plenty of black mascara.  Don’t be afraid to let your inner goddess shine through!