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Wiccan healing spell


This general healing spell may be used for your injury or your beloved’s injury and illness to help them to heal with your love. You may do this spell for yourself, for someone who asks you to, or to help someone you truly love.

For this spell you will find your loved one a unique gift such as a necklace or ornament. Now select 3 herbs known for their healing properties from which to create a healing mixture of herbs. You will bless this gift following the healing spell ritual outlined below. Afterwards you can give deliver the gift and herbs in a small gift satchel to your loved one as a good luck charm to help progress their healing.

Spell Ingredients

  • Light blue candle
  • Necklace, charm or similar gift
  • First healing herb, e.g. Eucalyptus leaves
  • Second healing herb, e.g. Gum Camphor herb
  • Third healing herb, e.g. Lavendar
  • Cloth or kercheif

For this spell you will place a cloth on your spell altar where you normally perform your ritual spells. Mix the three herbs then spoon the three healing herbs onto the cloth around a candle. Lay the gift or necklace also around or near the candle on the cloth. Now you will burn the candle on a plate/candle holder in the center of the altar. As the candle burns make sure to chant the lovely healing spell below to help fortify and strengthen your beloved’s health. When the candle burns down you may then gently wrap the cloth, herbs and gift inside and give the blessed satchel your beloved to aid in their healing process.

Healing Spell

Magic candle represent my love
that this spell will heal the health of my beloved.
As this candle burns bring my love good strength and heal their injuries in turn.
Powers of these healing herbs, bring health to my love ones injuries.
Mind body and soul, help heal them now and make them whole.
So mote it be.