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Goddess love spell


Are you a goddess wishing for true love? If you are wishing for true love in the upcoming year, try this candle of power love spell. A Wiccan friend of mine relayed this enchanting love spell to me. All you need for the spell is a red candle to light and the following chant. Recite the spell three times.

This spell requires relaxation and visualization to be the most effective. The spell is meant to attract love to you, and encourage that lover to see only you and not other women. This strong attraction will become a bond when you meet him. Light the candle and visualize true love coming into your life naturally. Every goddess truly deserves a love story in the upcoming year.

Attraction tip for goddesses

To attract your true love you must be happy and content with your life. This gives a positive vibe which helps to magnetically attract your lover. It is time to remove all bitterness and hate from your life and strive to improve yourself both emotionally and physically. Men are attracted to emotionally stable, and physically beautiful women.

Work on managing stress and anger and organizing your life in the coming year. Get a monthly facial, massage or beauty treatment to replenish yourself and make yourself feel fabulous. Work on your diet and exercise program so that when you utilize this love spell you will be ready. Remember that many women face a dry spell without love. Use that time for self improvement so that when love comes to your doorstep you will be ready to receive it.

Love spell Ingredients

  • Red candle

Goddess love spell

Candle of power
from this hour
bring unto me
the love that I see
that he shall requite
my attention this night
let him see only me
as i will
so mote it be

Goddess love spell