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Feel yourself with healthy beautiful skin

Be a nature goddess and care for your skin carefully. Enhance your self confidence by taking care of your skin and keeping it as soft, youthful and beautiful as it is meant to be. Think about beautiful skin and let it be focused in your mind. Feel yourself with healthy radiant skin. Connect to your skin with positive energy and care for it.

Look in the mirror and asses your skin type. It’s time to investigate some home made and inexpensive remedies to bring a soft glow back to your skin. Clear your mind and pores of the stresses in life. Release tension. If you attend to your skin then your outward appearance will be noticed by others and you will see the change in the mirror.

For a quick skin spell you’ll need the following ingredients

  • A white candle
  • Stationary paper & pen

Relax and take a hot bubble bath or sauna on an evening home alone. Let the steam open your pores and cleanse you of impurities. Put on a robe and cleanse your skin gently with an herbal facial cleanser. Pat dry and moisturize. Now by the fireside or with low music, sit with pen and paper and write down what you want changed about your skin. Do you want it softer, less wrinkles, looking less stressed? Write down you wishes and recite this change three times for fairer skin.

On this evening my skin will change.

I will gain brilliant, beautiful skin.

I ask of you goddess to always be near.

So mote it be.

Each night for the next thirty nights, burn the candle and take care of your skin. While the candle burns gently bath and then apply moisturizer and rub into delicate skin. Drink a tall glass of water for hydration. Buy an all natural skin cleanser and cleanse gently then pat dry. Moisturize with an all natural anti aging creme containing youth enhancing ingredients such as vitamin E and Shea butter. Pull hair back from skin and sleep on a soft satin sheeted pillow. If you follow this routine hydrating with water and cleansing and moisturizing daily, you should notice softer skin within 30 days. Remember to apply sunscreen and avoid excess caffeine to keep the effect.