Monthly Archives: March 2016

Snap out of a rut


Do you feel like you are in a rut?  Sometimes you just go in the wrong direction and it makes it that much harder to turn around and get back on track. You might have a poor start to the year, or just fall off the bandwagon on a habit you thought you had licked. Maybe you went off your diet or start doing whatever your vice is yet again.  Whatever you are experiencing, once you fall into a rut it is ten times harder to get out of it because it feels like defeat.  Everybody has been there.  Here are three tips for getting yourself out of a rut.

Don’t panic over it

Going into adrenaline rush and panic mode is the worst thing. You just die in fear and you cannot get creative. Everybody will smell your desperation and you will completely stress your own body out. You can smell desperation and remember that if you panic you will be exuding that karma to everyone around you. On the other end of the spectrum, you might get depressed and feel like throwing the towel in. Don’t do it! The first thing you have to do is just breath, stay really calm, and try your best to focus on what needs to be done. Hot bath’s, soothing tea, and regular exercise can really help stop the panic, while taking a walk in the sunlight will help your depressed mood. Pamper yourself and be forgiving.

Go easy on yourself

Even if you made the stupidest mistake ever and wrecked your own life with some really bad move or one epic mistake, go easy on yourself. Life is full of problems and it is unrealistic to expect to go problem free year after year. You will be able to climb out of your current situation and feel better in time. You need to learn how to live a good life even when you are in the midst of high stress. Some people can socialize when the world is falling down around them. Talent! It is not the stress that hurts you, it is how you handle the stress that hurts you. Think positively and remember that you have gotten yourself out of messes before. You’re a survivor. This too shall pass, in time.

Don’t hate

A little bit of anger here and there can be fine, makes you feel alive. But when being angry is taking over your emotion you need to find a way to get back in control. Try to be as honest and practical as possible and stop trying to blame someone. Especially if you blame yourself you are going to stress way too hard. Focus on solutions and figuring out a plan of action, even if the plan of action is just vowing not to freak out.

Let’s say you gained 5 pounds and are still gaining. Don’t focus on the gain, focus on eating healthy for a few days so you can drop one of those pounds back and get back on track. Did you lose your temper when you promised you wouldn’t, or fall back into a bad habit? You can correct it if you believe in yourself and realize people do experience setbacks and learn from them. If you are a salesperson and you can’t make a sale, instead of crippling yourself, get down to business and make a new plan. The most important way to get out of a slump is to believe in yourself, and try something different if what you are trying is not working. Do not quit, and realize you can change your tactic at any day or time, it is simply a matter of will power!

Regroup, get back to basics, and commit to making the changes you need to get yourself out of a slump. Think outside the box, and change your tactics if necessary. Meditate, relax, be good to yourself and surround yourself with positive people.