Beautiful ethereal hair styles with braids


Are you ready for an ethereal look?  Try ethereal summer hair to bring out your inner goddess.  Gorgeous witches love romantic braids.  Try a triple braid for a Wiccan inspired goddess look. 

You can do this by styling your hair into three French braids with a romantic braided crown.  Spring and summer make for the perfect time to sweep hair up and keep yourself cool with this goddess braided hairstyle.

Goddess triple braided hairstyle

To prepare hair for braiding you can spray it with dry shampoo such as Redken Powder Refresh to add more hold, texture and grip to the braids.  Divide your hair into three sections which are the front, the back, and the crown.  Braiding your hair into three French braids and bobby clipping the sections to blend in, is a quick and easy way to get a goddess inspired braided hairstyle.

You are first going to braid the front section starting from one side of the head and traveling around the front to the opposite ear.  Then braid the crown section next.  The braid the back of the hair section.  Tie each braid with a rubber band when finished.  As you braid, braid one section towards the next and then secure the ends where the end of the braids meet with hidden bobby pins.  You should get a gorgeous triple braid ethereal look.

As you work through the three braids do not be afraid to leave a few pieces and stands of hair out.  It will make the braids look casually cool and goddess like.

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