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Job interview spell


Here is a very simple and easy spell to cast that will help increase your chances of getting that job you desire.  First, before the spell is ever cast, you need to take the steps to motivate and apply for a number of jobs.  This involves fixing up a beautiful resume and applying to a number of jobs both online and in person.  Don’t underestimate word of mouth either, as many people get employment through friends and family that own businesses and need help.

After the initial work is done, you can cast a spell regularly that will help you both inspire the prospective employers to call you for an interview, as well as fall in love with you and hire you once the interview takes place.  Remember, the key is to be polished, presentable and upbeat in any job interview.  Forget about the competition and simply convey that you are ready, willing, able and excited to get this particular job.

Remember that employers are not playing games.  They seriously need to fill a position and if they get a good feeling and sense that you can help them and would be a good fit, the job is always yours for the taking!  Never get discouraged from looking just because you get turned down for a few jobs.  You may not have been a good fit or perhaps the job was rigged and they already had someone in mind and were simply going through the interview exercise before hiring that pre-selected person.  There are plenty of jobs so keep searching and applying!

You can cast this spell daily during your job search, and then burn your good luck job candle down all the way on the evenings before your interviews.

Spell Ingredients

  • A green candle
  • A good luck charm
  • A chain or leather string

Spell to get a job interview

While submitting your applications every day you should light the green candle briefly and recite the following spell while it is burning. Attach your good luck charm to a chain or rope. Pass the charm quickly through the candle flame while reciting the following employment spell. This will help motivate you not to give up your search and keep applying, and will bring you good luck so that you do get called up to interview for some of the jobs you applied to.

By the power of my charm and this flame
Draw to me the employment I desire
Employment I will soon attain
Happiness and prosperity I wish to gain

Job spell to make the interview go well

When you do get an interview, you are going to want to deepen the spell the evening before your job interviews. Light the green candles and let it burn down. If this is a job you really want to get, let it burn all the way down. As it burns you will recite the spell and also meditate and think positive that you will land this job. Make sure to pass the charm through the flame. The more you want the job and meditate over it, the better the charge of the candle with magical power.

Think positive during the interview and make sure to bring the lucky charm along with you. Your goal should be to act interested, excited, competent and vivacious. Give the employer the correct impression that you would be an asset to their company and a team player. Repeat this entire process with a new green candle after every job interview you get, and in no time at all you will find that one of these interviews will succeed!

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