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Witches flying ointment


Flying ointment, of called witches’ flying ointment, green ointment, magic salve or lycanthropic ointment, is a hallucinogenic ointment. It is said to be used by witches in the Early Modern period dating back to 1500.

The ointment typically contains a fatty base and various herbal extracts as ingredients. This could include solanaceous herbs that contain the alkaloids atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine. When heated in the base, the essential ois from these herbs are extracted. Be warned that these oils can be poinsenous when ingested, or cause skin reactions when applied to the skin.

When applied, the alkaloids in such concoctions are absorbed very slowly into the body. Witches include in various versions of the recipe ingredients such as hemlock, nightshade, wolfs bane, and henbane. Hallucinogenic compounds that are called tropane alkaloids are added which might include deadly nightshade, jimsonweed, mandrake, cinquefoil, and foxglove. Certain myths claim the old ointments would contain the fat of children and break mold – yikes that’s crazy!

You could easily die brewing up such dangerous concoction so it is not recommended. The legend of witches ointment says that witches were able to fly to the Sabbath on their brooms with the help of the ointment. Less poisonous plants used by modern day witches and include balm of gilead, calamus root, cannabis, clary sage, dittany of Crete, mugwort, tansy, wormwood, and yarrow. If you plan to make an ointment of your own, I recommend you utilize store bought essential oils that are proven and tested not to irritate sensitive skin. If you are using this for erotica you can purchase oils that are made for that specific purpose from the drugstore or a novelty store.

Did you know that there is a sensual aspect of this common witches lore? Many have claimed that the ointment was best absorbed through the mucous membranes and could be applied for sexual pleasure and also to enable flying. It has long been said that after brewing their concoction for the flying ointment, a witch would apply it directly to a broomstick. They would then straddle the broomstick to fly, just as you see in the stereotypical images of witches’ flying. In doing so, they were rubbing their private parts with the broomstick, thus absorbing the flying ointment into the bloodstream. This Ritual was also utilized as a sexual experience.

If you are planning to create a witches ointment home created, be sure to use modern day alternatives that are safe and do not irritate the skin. Some of the ingredients in original recipes can be downright toxic if ingested or cause allergic reaction when applied to the skin. Try creams, lotions or essential oils that are manufactured for use on the skin, or sensual pleasure oils that are available in the feminine needs area of the drugstore. Good luck and happy flying this Halloween!