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First day of a new diet


The first day of a diet is always the hardest.  Once you get past the third day, a diet becomes easier to maintain.  You need to take great care of yourself to beat out these first day diet demons.   Most people trying to diet have trouble sticking to the diet past the first few days.  There is good reason for this, because the first couple of days are a big test of your will power.  If you make it past, your health kick should go smoother for there on out.  Here are a few tips for beating the first day diet demons.

Take it easy

Most people try to start a diet that changes too much too soon and modifies their eating behavior way to fast.  This makes it so easy to fall off the diet soon.  Therefore, diet is not a good term for this.  Consider it as a diet to become more healthy, rather than some instant weight loss gimmick.  Try for make smaller changes in those first few days both to make it easier on yourself and to boost your confidence.  Work out a few things you want to modify for the first few days and attempt to stick to that plan.  For example, you might decide on no junk food.

Make a plan

Your plan can be as simple as, OK, I am going to cut out the junk food for a couple of days then keep going from there.  Work out your plan and make sure you have some healthy choices around.  Don’t skip breakfast because this can get you hankering for a food fix later on.  Try eating a healthy breakfast and lunch then a dinner that is on the light side.  Your body needs enough calories throughout the day so skipping breakfast is not going to facilitate weight loss.  You’ll just feel deprived and fall off the wagon later that day.

Treat yourself

As part of your first few days, you are definitely going to want to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury.  You can plan by getting some great incense or candles, and lovely bubble bath.  Pamper yourself with long baths in the afternoon or evening if you become tempted to abandon you plan.  Do something nice for yourself and don’t put heavy expectations on yourself.  Sometimes you gain weight and then you become so stressed and frustrated over all the excess weight that you become seriously paralyzed if not panic mode that your efforts will be fruitless.  Take it easy!  Take is slow!  Treat yourself to some beauty treatments such as a bubble bath or a mani-pedi.  Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods for a few days – it won’t kill you and will in fact make you feel invigorated!

Get outdoors where it feels good to be

Taking a walk every day, especially when temptation hits, is a great way to diffuse yourself from abandoning your diet.  Exercise and a little bit of pampering should help.  If you have a beloved pet then bring him along.  Do not try to overwhelm yourself with how much weight you’ve gained or how much you need to lose to be happy.  You can’t beat it overnight.  It is going to take months on a healthier path to make a dent in your weight loss.  So the best advise is to lower your expectations and refuse to be hard on yourself.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and lose 10 pounds over night.

All you need to do is pamper yourself, reduce the junk food intake, and just eat healthier for the first couple of days.  Get some easy moderate exercise by walking or even freshening up your house with some fall cleaning.  If you take care of yourself, you are going to feel better, look better, and have a much larger natural energy reserve.  Looking and feeling good will help your productivity and cheer you up tremendously.  Your diet should be one where your goal is to be healthy and energetic.  Don’t even consider a trendy diet that severely limits your food intake.  A healthier and practical approach to simply eating healthier is better.

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