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Food for soft skin


There are certain foods that you can eat to help keep your goddess skin supple, smooth and touchable. Not only will this make you sexy it will keep your skin safe from damage. Try these foods to save your skin and keep it youthful as you age. Blemishes can result from unhealthy eating habits so if you find yourself breaking out or having issues with dry skin look towards your diet as you can help the situation from the inside out.


Pomegranate are amazing antioxidants which we know are going to fight aging skin and stop inflammation which creates blemishes. There are more antioxidants in pomegranate than there are in wine! The seeds taste great as a yogurt topping and you even see them offered at Pink Berry. They are also great when served with a cheese platter. Alternatively you can blend them into fruit or vegetable drinks.

Olive oil

Olive oil is going to soften your skin no doubt about it. It has anti-inflammatory properties that soften your skin from the inside out. If you consume healthy oils you are going to have smoother, radiant skin. Disarm those free radicals by eating olive oil in your diet. You can you the oil for cooking, in salad dressing mixed with balsamic vinegar, as a dip with whole grain bread, and in other mediterranean dishes such as tabouli. If you don’t get enough olive oil your skin will not be hydrated and dry skin is the first sign you need more healthy oils in your diet.

Green tea

I recently replaced coffee with a pot of green tea in the morning. Feels great and may be something for you to try especially if you tend to get stressed out easily or have skin break outs often. The caffeine in strong coffee can really give you anxiety where as one bag of green tea can go along way with less caffeine in it. Green tea is filled with antioxidants that fight inflammation and skin problems. Try with natural brown sugar or honey, and a squeeze of citrus like lemon. To make it more like a latte add nonfat milk to taste.


Packed with anti-aging ingredients strawberries are going to put you on top when it comes to consumption of vitamin C. Strawberries have more vitamin C than even oranges or grapefruit. Getting vitamin C in your diet will lead to fewer wrinkles and age related dry skin issues. If you don’t like strawberries plain than create a smooth with strawberries and other antioxidant power houses like raspberries and blueberries. Add a touch of honey and plain yogurt or sugar-free ice cream to taste.


Brightly colored fruits and veggies often back the vitamins C, E and A that help fight wrinkles. Pumpkins are no exception as they have powerful enzymes in them that help to cleanse the body. The bright orange color is from carotenoids that are wrinkle fighting plan pigments. You can make a healthier pumpkin pie using pulp or eat the seeds which are an excellent fiber filled snack that is great for your skin. Pumpkin, low-fat/calorie vanilla or plain yogurt and honey are the main ingredients for a tasty and healthy pumpkin pudding that will hydrate your skin.

Food for soft skin