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What does it take to look like a goddess?


Everyone knows the basics of beauty. You have to eat well, you have to exercise, you have to get enough sleep and you have to not smoke. We get it drummed into our heads on a regular basis. Looking inward, you must have strong boundaries, inner confidence, serenity, and a natural beauty that is internal not just external. Body wise you need to work out and get basic exercise. For your skin, you have to hone in and find a skin product that works for you.

Goddess sunscreen

OK, we know all this. But are there a few simple things that can ramp up your beauty instantly? Yes! Here they are. First of all, never be too lazy to put on sunscreen. This is a must do and the biggest skin anti-ager ever in this world. You don’t realize it when you are young but as you get older sun screen is a life safer. No beauty spell is going to help you as much as wearing sunscreen every day.

Goddess cover up

Now, next, you need a little cover up! Get a creamy cover up and a top quality sponge or makeup brush. And cover those blemishes then blend in so the concealer is not visible. This is the single most thing that is going to make you look like a goddess because it blots out imperfections in the skin and gives you that all over goddess look. If you don’t believe in makeup try one of those all natural mineral makeup brands, most have a good cream concealer that they have you use it before the blush.

Goddess blush

Now, you need a little bit of blush! Get a blush that is really near your skin color and just gives you that flash of color. The key is to never get it too dark or apply too much. Being able to see the edge of the blush where you put it on is a big no way. Get a good brush and a color that is subtle. Just a hint of color will give you that I just got out of bed gorgeous look and no one will even be able to tell you are wearing makeup. Again if you are anti-makeup you can find blush in a completely pure mineral powder and all natural brands.

Goddess mascara

Yes you need mascara! Mascara makes your eyes pop and really lifts your face drawing attention to one of your most naturally beautiful features, your eyes! They key is to replenish the mascara regularly. The second it gets old, it clumps and it looks obvious. For a natural look, replenish the mascara every few weeks ensuring that your mascara fluid applies smoothly and easily clump free. Last lengthening mascara usually goes on smooth making your eyes pop without the makeup look.

Goddess lip balm

You must wear some lip gloss! You can try lip gloss, or it that stuff is too sticky try a good lip balm like Keihl’s or Burt’s Bees. You will love it, it makes your lips soft and kissable and helps keep chapped cracked lips at bay. Love those lips and take care of them.

These five items, sun screen, cover up, blush, lip gloss and mascara will help you bring out your inner goddess without looking too overly made up. Remember to try all natural mineral brands if you are anti-makeup for a natural look. A little makeup can really do wonders for older women so consider softening your stance and trying a little bit of it. Apply it right and no one can tell you are wearing it but you will take ten years off your look!  For more beauty trips check out the UK site called Daily Mail they have great references to brands that are all natural.

5 simple tricks to looking like a goddess