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Why witches wear capes

Wiccans are always concerned about the environment and the Earth. 

Goddess witches love clothes that are flowing, comfortable, durable and natural.  Some witches avoid leather and silk if they feel that animals were hurt in their creation. If an animal was hurt in the creation of a clothing garment then the negative energy may persist in the clothing and that garment may become an object of bad luck.

Witches do tend to love gypsy inspired clothing. That can include capes, ritual robes, tunics and other long flowing apparel. But they really wear any style of clothing in day to day life. Some witches love fashion.  Other witches view it as superficial and wear clothes simply for comfort and protection.

Fashionable witches love satin and silk. Vintage clothes with embroidery, beading, sequins, charms, feathers or other ornaments are a favorite. Witches don’t just wear heavy old fashioned robes. They love lightweight flowing ethereal looking garments as well.   After all, a witch is a goddess. 

Some capes have hoods, mantle and tabard or other extra touches.  A tabard is a sleeveless coat that was worn by knights over their armour.  A mantle is a loose sleeveless cloak or shawl similar to a tabard that is often worn as a blanket or cloak for warmth.

If you are looking for a beautiful cape shop in antique stores and vintage flea markets.  Try those that come in vibrant colors from the earth. Greens represent plants, browns represent the earth, gold represents the sun and silver represents the moon goddess. Try colors of flowers, the sunset, sky, night or anything else that is close to nature.  The colors of natural jewels and precious stones also work nicely.

If you are a true Wiccan you might not be into fashion per se, in which case clothes are worn for protection and practicality. You might have some wide-brimmed hats, hooded capes and robes in your wardrobe. Other witches like more tight fitting clothing with sexy details that accentuates their inner goddess. It is a witches choice whether she wants to display her outer beauty prominently or not.

Some capes while practical give an ethereal and mystical impression. Cloaks are often warn for spell casting rituals or meditation. I say let your inner beauty shine through. As they say it is sexy also to leave something to the imagination. A beautiful witch in a long flowing cape is tantalizing. As long as you are personally pleased with your appearance you needn’t be concerned with what others think or whether they judge you. If you are a witch that loves fashion then embrace it, if you shun superficiality then wear clothes for practical reasons.