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Why do witches like cats?


Have you ever wondered why witches like cats, especially black ones? Halloween is always the most symbolic holiday when you see witches paired with black cats. Friday the 13th of course is another one. Here are a few historical reasons why witches are paired with cats.

Cats, from revered to feared

First, ancient gods have often taken the form of cats. The Greco-Roman goddess Diana often made appearances in the form of a black cat. She was known as a queen of witches. Black cats were representatives of the goddess. Cats also became symbolic of fertility and women. Soon, black cats become symbolic of magic and darkness. This was due to some rejection and fear of Paganism and anything Pagan. The black cat evolved from being a symbol of life to the harbinger of bad luck.

Wiccans love their pets, and do not conjure spirits into them

Black cats were accused of being witches. Their black fur, nocturnal lives, howling, and scary associations made some believe that they were other worldly and would bring bad luck. Many thought that they were really witches in animal form. Sorcerers and gypsies believed they had psychic powers. When called upon by a magician to bring spirits to life, they were the preferred form that demons and spirits supposedly liked to posses.

Soon many believed that the presence of a black cat meant that this was a warning of death or bad luck to come. Black cats have much in common with witches in that both became seriously feared. They went from being revered, to being completed maligned as symbols of evil in folklore and superstition.

Modern witches love and adore their pets. Cats are of no fear to them, and are simply another beloved pet. They are simply animals deserving of care and love, to any witch and most people too. A modern witch does not conjure diabolical spirits into the bodies of cats, as sorcerers did in the past. In fact, witches honor them as they do all animals.

A familiar

If a witch becomes very close with an animal, and that animal is totally bonded to them, the animal is called a familiar. A cat may sometimes become so uniquely bonded to a witch that it simply becomes what is referred to as a familiar. All of the stereotyping of witches pictured with cats have only added fuel to the fire of thinking black cats are evil. A witch however, might love a black cat just as anyone would love, cherish and adore any pet.

Black cats