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Red is one of the five colors of mana in Magic


Do you want to attract men to you like crazy? Wear the color red! Red is one of the five colors of mana or supernatural power, in magic. It originates from the mountains and embodies the concepts of chaos and impulse. Think of red as a giant fireball. A women in red enjoys her freedom and she has her own adventurous spirit. When you wear red, you are looking like you are ready for adventure and you are seizing the day. It’s bright, fun, and can be a good change of pace for the usual Witch color of garb which is black.

Red implies fiery impulse and chaos together

Think impulse and chaos together. The impulse means that you follow your heart and are a free spirit who will do what you desire. The chaos means that you will express yourself and always be open to new experiences and opportunities, and men love this adventurous spirit. Studies have shown that men are naturally mesmerized by the color red as it really catches their eye. Women who wear read send off a message that they are fiery, outgoing and that they follow their passion. Red inspires deep passion, and emotion. It exudes a sense that you will grow and explore both physically and also spiritually.

Red is the color of sexual attraction

If you want to be a man magnet for a day, choose one red piece, such as a red dress, top, or skirt. Pair with neutral colors to let the red stand out. Red is strong, poetic, and a charismatic form of self expression. Red means pure unadulterated passion, which magnetically draws men in. A study has shown that men prefer ladies in red because they feel like they will not be rejected by her. They naturally feel that a woman in red is very vibrant and social and stands a high likelihood of being responsive to them. Also, they rate women in red as highly attractive.

Just know that wearing red is highly suggestive so you might get plenty of attention, in fact too much attention when you wear it. As a goddess therefore, you should judiciously select when the appropriate time to wear red is. For example, hot red may not be fashion appropriate conservative business lunch, but hot red would be appropriate for a hot date with the love of your life. Men are primitive in their attraction, so be careful what you wish for goddess! Think of red as the color of sexual attraction, and wear it for the appropriate occasion.