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Miss him love spell


This little spell is meant to help women who miss a boyfriend or lover that has left, but they really want them back.

The first thing to know about Wicca is that you can’t force your ex love to get back together with you. You must be wise enough to know that people are going to do what they are going to do, and Wiccan spells cannot force them to do otherwise. A bit of Wiccan advice is to never ever cast a spell that is an attempt to manipulate a person. For example, do not cast a spell to try and get some one to love you again when they just aren’t in love with you. At best, a love spell can help you to be the best person you can and attract that special man back to you and into your life.

So this spell is one that you cast onto yourself, to help you find a really good karma and attract into your life the man that you still spend nights dreaming of.  This spell involves lighting a red candle, a cut out heart, and utilizing an essential oil of love.

Spell Ingredients

  • Red Candle
  • Pink or white heart
  • Essential oil

Miss him love spell

Now you are going to create a small altar arranging the red candle and the heart. If you cannot find a small red or white heart, you can create one out of construction paper. Now it is time for the essential oil. If you do not know which essential oil to use, you can try any of these five suggestions as they are known to represent love and sensuality. There are sandalwood, rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, or lady sclareol. Drizzle drops of the essential oil onto the heart and set the candle so that the heart is touching it. Repeat the spell below 10 times once a month, to increase the chances that your ex lover will miss you and come around to see you again. Make sure that you are working on yourself to be a better kinder person so that if he does reappear in your life on his own volition, you will be ready for him.

Do not hound your ex lover with text messages, emails, letters and the like. This will turn you into the pursuer and will not help much in getting him to come back. He needs to be given the gift of missing you, so that he may come back on his own rather than being manipulated. If he left it is best to accept his decision and not question it. They say that he is most likely to come back after six weeks to three months apart from you. If after three to six months he does not reappear, it may be wise to let things go, and move on with your life. By this time, you might have adjusted yourself to not having him. You can still utilize the miss him spell after six months, but be warned that it will bring a new love interest along instead of your ex. Watch the candle during the spell and always practice the utmost safety by staying present while it burns.

This spell is most effective if executed on consecutive full moons. Good luck I hope your lover is naturally attracted back to you. If he does come back, treat him with the utmost care and be kind to him this go around. He may not have felt that you valued your relationship with him enough.  During the time he is gone seek out counseling and meditation so that you can release all of the anger and turmoil created by the separation.  You should work through any lingering issues as you will be best off  to be at peace and completely serene should he return.

Let the love in the universe flow.
Let my love flow.
The essence of love is inner beauty and kindness.
I will give my love to others.
I will be kind and gentle.
Release my inner beauty to shine through from inside to out
I love (name) forever and always
My love is pure and my love is true
Think of me as I think of you.

Essential oil miss him love spell