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Stress relieve spell


Here is a wonderful little stress relieve spell that should let you ease the pressures of your day, week, month of year. All you need for the spell is a candle tray, white sand, a white candle, and an hourglass.

Spell Ingredients

  • White vanilla scented candle
  • Sand
  • Candle tray
  • Hour glass

Now to cast the spell, you are going to light your white candle, with preferably vanilla scene which is always a lucky relaxing scent, and place in the sand and candle tray. Also, you are going to take an hour class and turn it upside down and place it in the beach sand/candle tray, you are going to then chant to yourself a soothing prayer to banish your stress. This spell can be as simple as.

Stress stress, melt away don’t come back another way
Heal me release me, free me and bring peace to me

Now repeat the spell 5-10 times as your candle burns. Take some deep breaths in between and relax, taking deep constant breaths. By the time you have repeated this 5 to 10 times, you will be so refreshed! Sometimes all it takes is a soothing candle, a realization of the beauty of time healing, with the sand glass, and some positive words to oneself!

Stress away relax spell