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Goddess Tattoos

sexy-tattoosIf you are a fan of tattoo art you are not alone.  Many Wiccans love tattoos and they might get a tattoo even of a Wiccan symbol or motif, for example a pentagram.  Or maybe an animal, such as the mythological dragon.  When considering a tattoo always take the long term viewpoint.  Will you like this tattoo in twenty years? If not, skip it.

Tattoos are only as sexy as the woman wearing them.  When considering a tattoo keep in mind that they generally do not look as attractive as you age.  Also,while you may be proud of being a Wiccan, think twice before you get a tattoo that announces your beliefs.  Make sure that is what you want.  In a visible spot, these tattoos can be visisble to everyone from family members to employers.  Don’t get a tatoo that may later make you feel self-conscious.

Stick to the abstract art tattoos

If you are dead set on getting tattoo art, consider sticking to the abstract and ethereal.  Such tattoos are artwork that are timeless.  They don’t relate to a specific belief, boyfriend, family member, person, pet, relative, lover and so on and so forth.  Therefore, it is less likely that you would have to remove them later on.  You generally don’t want to get someones name tattooed on you, unless it was that of a child or something like that, and even then there may be a symbolic image or artwork that might represent your love for that person without getting the unwanted name lettering on the body.

In otherwords, choose tattoos that you won’t have a need to remove them ever.  Consider famed tattoo artist Kat Von D.  She got a tattoo of her boyfriend Jesse only to have to remove it after a parting of ways.  After hearing everyone say I told you so, she started laser treatments to remove the tattoo photograph of her ex-boyfriend noted philanderer Jesse James.  She had a tattoo of young James on her rib cage.  Now she has to endure from 8 to 15 laser tattoo removal sessions to get rid of it.

Abstract, beautiful tattoos are the safest choice.  Avoid getting tattooed in areas that have a negative connotation.  Some people for example consider tattoos on the lower back to be what they call tramp stamps.  Be aware of potential negative connotations of tattoos.  Avoid cutesy tattoos like cartoons, and trendy tattoos such as skeletons.  A cartoon character might sound like fun when you are a teenager yet as an adult your opinion on silly tattoos will likely have changed.  A goddess wishing to have a beautiful tattoo should spend plenty of time designing that tattoo and finding the right tattoo artist.  Remember, the tattoo is going to stay with you for life, unless you want to endure a long process of laser removal which can leave scars and traces of the tattoo behind.

Tattoo for a goddess

A tattoo should be beautiful enough to last a lifetime.  Make sure to duly consider getting any sort of tattoo and if you do take the plunge, take the utmost care in its design and selection.  Remember, you are a beautiful goddess and your tattoo should compliment that beauty not detract from it.

Tattoo removal

If you want to delete your existing tattoo all is not lost.  New laser treatments make it possible to remove them.  However, these treatments are timely, costly, and a faded specter of the tattoo might remain on the skin even after the treatments.  Expect to have to endure a dozen if not more treatments to remove a tattoo.  Each treatment has to heal so you have to wait patiently for two or three weeks after each treatment.  That means that removing a simple tattoo can take about a year.  A dozen treatments three weeks apart takes eight or nine months alone.