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Transform yourself from fumpy witch to ethereal wiccan goddess

Dressing like a goddess witch is not just for Halloween.  Witch craft couture is hotter than ever.  To bring out your inner goddess embrace edgy swank styles mixed with the classic witch fashion.  Invest time developing an eclectic unique style and you’ll feel beautiful both inside and out.  Take your ideas from mythical pictures, couture, fairies goddesses and high fashion alike.  A uniquely styled witch is so incredibly beautiful to behold.

With the economy being what it is, there are few things that are easily affordable that bring a luxurious vacation feeling into your life.  Clothing and apparel are at their absolute cheapest in years.  With an interest in shopping you can search for wonderful apparel and find amazing prices every where from the vintage used clothes stores, to shopping districts downtown to inexpensive stores at the mall.  New clothes and accessories are a bargain if you spend time shopping and they will enhance your beauty and inspire you to worship your body and health. 

Sheer clothing, netting, velvet and textures will take you from ordinary two dimensional to three dimensions.  Look for beautiful fabrics from velvet to lace to sheer.  What is a witch without wearing black?  Of course, you’ll want black but don’t go for a frumpy look.  Integrate unique jewel tone inspired colors in with your classic black wardrobe.  Style yourself with velvet, textured fabric, lace, stockings and sheer neeting accents.  Thigh high boots or lacy up shoes and exotic tights will take your witch craft wardrobe from messy to courture.

Look for interesting amulets, jewels and handcrafted accessories.  Body art and interesting hennas, temporary tattoos, interesting nail art and wild tousled hair are more ideas for turning yourself from an ordinary witch into a sensational goddess.  Keep your skin from the sun and consider wearing makeup as you can find all natural mineral makeup which will keep the essence of the natural look yet bring it into an enhanced version of that. 

Interesting jewelry pieces and use of natural earth elements such as flowers and herbs, ribbons and clips can be used to take catapult yourself into the sexiest witch that you can be.  Check into rings, necklaces for your hands and chain head bands for surreal goddess inspired ideas.  Explore unique makeup and hair designs to enhance your look.  A great way to get ideas is to go for wedding inspired looks yet take it from white to dark rich colors instead.

The idea that witches are homely is the most ridiculous myth ever.  Totally untrue.  You can become gorgeous combining your paganism with fashion.  Whether you want to be Gothic, glamorous, earthy and natural, or mystically ethereal, you can look spectacular as a modern day wiccan witch.  Photo of Natalia Vodianova wearing a stunning ensemble head to toe, fit for a true goddess.  Look to high fashion for your cloting and accessory inspirations.