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Black tourmaline healing crystal


If you run across a unique hand-made jewelry piece with black tourmaline crystal at the local art fair or swap meet, definitely buy it!  Black tourmaline is a very powerful stone that can protect against all negative energy, and it is strongly grounding too.  This crystal has always been popular for metaphysical purposes, as it is believed to be the best protection stone of all.  Black tourmaline encourages good luck, happiness, and positive attitudes no matter what your situation.  When you wear a black tourmaline you will feel a positive force and your attitude will be positive.

Black tourmaline comes from locations that include Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa and the U.S.. It is also known as Schorl Tourmaline.  Although these stones are called black, many are actually a very dark, dark blue color.  Wearing the stone as jewelry is the easiest way to keep a piece of positive aura on your body.  Knowing that you have this soothing piece, will help you eliminate self doubts and feelings of negativity.  Many Wiccans also use pieces of black tourmaline on their altars when creating and casting Wiccan spells.  If you have nightmares or aches at night, placing black tourmaline crystal under your pillow will help relieve angst.  This is a powerful healing stone for protection and spiritual peace.

Black tourmaline is a healing crystal that is a strong stone of the earth star chakra and the base chakra, both of which are very powerful stones for grounding.  So, look for a unique jewelry piece and buy it when you come across it, especially if it is a one of a kind creation that you adore.  It will help protect you against psychic attack and negative entities.  The most powerful aspect of black tourmaline is that it can absorb away negative energies and disharmony encountered in your surroundings.  Best of all, it is affordable and looks quite lovely as jewelry, especially in hand made pieces. I came across this interesting piece on Gem Tree Wholesale online, a store based in the UK.

Black tourmaline healing