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Warning signs, and why they should not be ignored


Call it karma, luck, intuition, karma, or good old magic at work. When your body or mind is setting off alarm bells these are never to be ignored. So many people say that during a period where something bad was happening, they had feelings of unease but brushed them aside. Don’t do this, as these gut intuitions can be linked to something brewing.

Emotional red flags

So many people say that during the initial throes of a relationship they ignored basic warning signs about their partner. For example, are you assuming your partner is clean and not using protection simply because they say so? Are you ignoring a partner who has told you lies, flakes out, or treats you with disrespect? Are you obsessing with someone over the looks for example, when character wise you know little about this person? If you feel those little nagging feelings, do not ignore them. These feelings tend to turn into real things as time progresses. The most important thing to remember is that when you are so attracted to someone, in love or lust, or deeply involved to where there is too much invested to turn bad, these are the times where you should stop and reflect. Move slowly and if red flags are flying proceed with caution.

Physical red flags

Do not ignore physical red flags. Has your body changed, are you feeling sick, are you showing symptoms that you are brushing aside? At the end of the day it pays to get things checked out. Usually you will find out it is nothing but a harmless cold or virus but if it is something bigger, the sooner you know the sooner you can deal with things. Take care of your body and take a better safe than sorry approach to your health. Keep your yearly appointments and get your physicals and your blood work checked, cancer screenings and so forth. Keeping up on these things will let you feel so much safer. It can actually cause stress when you delay getting problems checked out. You don’t have to become paranoid but if something is bothering you for quite a time, it is best to trust those feelings and get it checked out.

Mystical warning signs

Beyond just emotional feelings and physical feelings, there might be some clues in your environment or karma that you re ignoring. For example, are you uncomfortable around certain people or at certain places. Pay attention to what your instincts tell you about being in a particular environment or situation. If a situation or location bothers you, take heed and try to get down to the bottom of why it is bothering you and if there is a real basis for your concerns. Some people wake up thinking, I will be unlucky today, or they just have bad feelings. For example, you need to take a trip but you have bad premonitions about something going wrong on the trip.

If you believe in the mystical and magic, it is important to pay attention to premonitions. Maybe the cosmic is really trying to tell you something. Vague feelings of unease can be a warning sign. Think carefully and try to get down to the bottom of such forebodings, whether the misgivings are about people, places, or doing something. You can’t predict the universe. If you have a bad feeling about doing something there could be a basis. Warning signs are called warning signs for a reason, and it may add stress to brush them aside and tell yourself you are just being silly. Things happen for a reason and when you have concerns, that in and of itself is concerning enough to give pause for thought.

For example, are you fearful that a child or partner will be put in harms way? Maybe they are doing something dangerous that is creating these worries. You can always talk to loved ones and ask them to be safe. Don’t let yourself be pressured into doing things you are not wanting to do. For example, if you have extreme reservations about a trip or excursion, remember that you have free will. If you elect to cancel a planned event, it will be ok. You don’t have to do everything, all the time. Give yourself a break and if you have real reservations about something trust your gut. Maybe there is reality to those fears maybe not, but it is always worth exploring what warning signs caused you concern and working through to make sure they aren’t anything substantive.