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Wishing you love this Wiccan February

wiccan valentines

February is a greet time of year to focus on love and romance. In the old days people celebrated Lupercalia which was a festival that honored the birth of the twin founders of the city. Over time this celebration honored fertility and the coming of spring. Happy Spring!

One of the fun Valentine’s celebrations was that women would put their names in an urn and then the eligible men would draw a name and the couple would be a pair for the remainder of the festival. Later, this practice was denounced as Pagan and done away with. No one knows if this lovers lottery was just folklore or real.

Pretty soon the love lottery was modified into something more spiritual where instead of a girl’s name, the name of a saint was pulled from the urn. That would then become their saint to learn about.

Do you know who the original Valentine was? Pope Gelasis is the one who declared St. Valentine to be the patron saint of lovers and his day was to be celebrated every February 14. Legend says that a young priest Valentine disobeyed Claudius by performing secret wedding ceremonies. He was imprisoned and before his execution he fell in love with a young visitor. He sent her a litter signed, From your Valentine. The story may or may not be true but it made Valentine into a tragic hero of love.

Over time, Valentine’s became celebrated as a way that young men could send love and poems to the object of their affection. Hopefully you had a wonderful Valentine and even if you did not have a date, in February you could vow to put a new focus on your love life. Maybe even join a dating site Pagan or otherwise, to bring some roman into your life. In the meantime, send a card to your loved ones, as family, children and friends can fill your heart with joy even if you do not have a lover! Be thankful and happy with what you do have, and love will come in time!