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Magic of Patchouli oil


Patchouli oil is well known for its magical attributes and his a history of uses ranging from being an ingredient in cosmetics to being used for medicinal purposes. Patchouli oil is extracted though a stream distillation process from the perennial plant called pogostemon cablin. The oil gets pungent over time and is used in skincare and for aromatherapy.

One of patchouli’s well known uses are that it works as a stress buster. It is said to have anti-depressant properties that can help you get control of anxiety and volatile emotions, relaxing you and keeping you feeling peaceful and calm. The oil has a wonderful fragrance that is commonly used in incenses and perfumes. The smell will really touch you and be soothing for your soul.

You will often see the oil used for messages and aromatherapy. A message with patchouli oil will tranquilize the mind and should and relax your nerves. The oil can help some people with eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis, although you must test a little bit to make sure the oil is copacetic with your skin. Patchouli can also help with scar healing and to cure dry, cracked skin and wrinkles. You can blend the oil with other essential oils such as sandalwood, rose, jasmine, myrrh or citrus.

If you want to refresh your skin, heal scar marks, or just improve the smell of your home or body, you must give this a try. Insects do not like patchouli so it can double as a mild insecticide with its mild antiseptic qualities. The biggest benefit of all about patchouli is that it has aphrodisiac effects and can help get your libido perked up. Relieve tension, uplift your mood and get feeling sexy with wonderful patchouli and look for it in beauty products.

Pagan rituals

Patchouli is very popular in Pagan rituals. The exotic scent is associated with love, wealth, and sexual powers. You will find patchouli oil in spells to make people attracted to you, and it is a well known aphrodisiac. Be careful when applying it to the skin as it may need to be diluted. If patchouli bothers your skin try carrying it with you in a small sachet, as the leaves are similar to mint leaves. Wiccans also associate the insecticidal properties of patchouli as a repelling power, that can help keep negative influences away from you.

To keep negative influences away from your home, anoint the door with scattered leaves or essential oil of patchouli. Lastly, try this folk magic spell: Draw a dollar sign with patchouli oil on a small piece of paper and carry it with you to ward of negative luck and draw money your way. Add patchouli to love-drawing and money-drawing spells as a primary ingredient.

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