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Spell to get rid of a bad mood


Bad luck or difficult conflicts can create bad vibes. A bad vibe is a type of lasting, negative spiritual energy that can continue to influence mood and events in a very undesirable way. This spell should help you start the process of ridding yourself of this bad mood. You need to release that negative place or part of your life of accumulated bad vibes.  You do this be creating a magical force field of positive thoughts and then using that force field to banish the negative vibes from your body and mind.

Magic spell ingredients

    • crystals
    • incense
    • calming music

Spell to get rid of a bad mood

To get rid of your bad mood you need to create a ritual space with a good atmosphere and ambiance. You need to feel peaceful and serene. Start with your crystals and create a small altar with these and your favorite incense flavor. Now you are going to burn the entire of one stick of incense while focusing on creating a positive force for  freeing the bad mood from your body, mind and soul.

The crystals represent the positive light and power that you are going to create by relaxing and quietly meditating. The incense smoke represents the negativity drifting away from you and simply vanishing into thin air. The music is going to calm you and help you meditate and relax to accomplish this.  This spell is based on quiet concentration rather than a spoken spell or chant.

Play very calming music and sit in a relaxed position such as in bed or in a nice relaxing bath. Take time to meditate and clear your mind, focusing on your breathing. Imagine yourself in a beautiful serene place. Close your eyes and take deep long breaths. Relax the muscles in your body and let your mind clear. As you relax look at the bad vibes and imagine them as a physical entity that you can touch, such as a ball of black. Isolate that negative swirl of energy.

Now, focus on positive things. Create in your mind a positive force field that encompasses everything good, pure and positive about your life. Focus on making that energy very, very strong and powerful. Create a mental force field with all of that protective good karma and your desire to expel bad energy from your life and body. Now you are going to cleanse that black ball or black balls of negative energy completely away using the positive energy you have harnessed. Imagine the positive energy battling and winning out over that black ball of negativity and ugliness.

Focus on expelling that black ball of negativity away. Harness the peacefulness, the happiness, the desire to be happy, and positive feelings and thoughts. Think of the light and radiating positivity and love and happiness. Let this desire for serenity over  your entire body be filled with this positive energy and focus on it cleansing all over your one body parts at a time so that any negative black balls are banished. As you listen to the music and relax, continue meditating and mentally going over your body including your mind and your heart and focus on expelling out the festering negative vibe with positive happy radiating energy.  Positive energy will always be able to banish negativity so simply focus on that because you will succeed.

When the incense has completely burned out you should immediately do something you really enjoy whether it be going for a walk, going shopping, cooking, getting together with a friend, playing with a beloved pet, or going to sleep. Track yourself into a different activity that you enjoy and consider your bad mood gone.  Don’t even think about it anymore.  Get cozy and focus on your clean slate and doing something positive oriented and that makes you happy. You will see that the negativity has been sent away by the positive mental force field you created. Make sure to take good care of yourself and treat yourself well. If the negative mood creeps back focus on expelling it away by repeating this spell. Turn on the music, set out the crystals, burn incense and meditate quietly until your positive energy flows more freely.

Don’t ever forget to appreciate what you do have going on in your life that is good. Something like cancer is clearly real and much harder to get rid off than just a bad mood. Rejoice that it is just a bad mood and know in your heart that the best spell for getting rid of that moodiness is to think of positive things and harness a positive force energy field to banish the dark mood away. A peaceful feeling obtained by meditating and cleansing dark thoughts and feelings away with positive light, is a magical force field that helps you get rid of bad mood swings and keep them away too.

How to get rid of a bad mood