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Beautiful lips


Wiccans tend to be very anti-superficial. They do not like plastic. However, that is not to say that they do not accentuate their beauty. It only means that they prefer a natural look to a plastic look.

One way to enhance your beauty so that you can hypnotically mesmerize men, is to pick simply one or at most two features to accentuate and play up, leaving the rest very natural. In this lovely fashion photograph the beautiful model looks naturally beautiful. She is however, playing to two aspects of her features. For one, she has a lipstick shade that is a bit deeper and darker than natural. This plays up her lips and makes them stand out. Notice however the rest of her face is only minimally made up. You can get this look with natural shades of mineral makeup, and by getting mineral makeup based lip color as well. Try natural lipsticks such as for example, Burts Bees.

Another thing she is playing up here is the soft natural hair. The loose tousled braid looks effortless yet it really accentuates the look. Notice that she looks entirely mesmerizing but she is showing very little skin, and absolutely no cleavage! Her pale skin is beautiful. This look is just lovely. Remember, keep clothing and makeup very simplified. Try mineral makeup as these products come in very natural shades perfect for the natural goddess. Accentuate one or two aspects of your looks, and tone down the rest. This creates a beautiful contrast and makes you look naturally beautiful rather than artificially beautiful. Let your inner beauty shine through and always remember, you are a true goddess!