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How to get shiny glossy hair


Do you want soft and shiny, glossy hair with a simple at home treatment? You can give this well known soft hair recipe a try. Gather the ingredients listed below, then follow the simple glossy hair instructions.


  • Olive oil
  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Vegetable glycerin

Glossy hair spell

Create a mixture of around 6 tablespoons of the argan oil and 2 tablespoons of the olive oil. Use can make a larger or smaller batch depending on how short or long and thick your hair is. First you are going to rinse your hair with warm water. Be gentle with the hair and use a luke warm temperature. Next, you are going to towel dry just barely, then gently work fingers through hair to rid it of knots without the harsh pull of a comb or brush. Work the argan and olive oil mixture into hair from the roots on down. Apply it to the mid section of the hair and work around from there, instead of dumping it right on your scalp. When your hair begins to feel smooth you are going to move to the next step. Work a dollup of coconut into the palm of your hands then apply to your hair and work through all the way to the ends so that it is spread evenly.

Cover your hair in a towel turban leaving the mixture in for fifteen minutes to a half hour. Always make sure these ingredients agree with you and if you have any adverse reaction rinse out! In the mix four caps of cider vinegar into a cup full of vegetable glycerin. Add another cup of water, making the mixture 2 cups. Remove the turban and spread a little bit more of just the argan oil into your hair. Now get into a nice warm bubble bath with candles lit. Repeat the following spell three times as you relax and meditate in the sudsy bath.
Hair, Hair
Beauty repair
Soft as silk
Soft as silk
Silk to brush
Silk to touch
So mote it be

Now gently wash your hair completely out. Next you are going to shampoo with your favorite shampoo and rinse out. Now, work the glycerin and cider vinegar 2 cup mixture into hair. Again, apply in the middle of the hair and work it through. Now add your favorite conditioner to your hair as well. While the glycerin and cider vinegar is still in the hair, add conditioner for a few minutes, then rinse.

Your final step is going to be to shampoo your hair thoroughly, and condition it one more time. Don’t forget that you do have to shampoo your hair very thoroughly at the end otherwise your hair will be left greasy and tacky with the product still in it. Make sure to shampoo it well to remove this greasy residue.

Now you can add a tiny dab of hair serum such as frizz-ease or a similar product to your damp hair. Let dry naturally or blow dry on a cool temperature. Voila, your hair should be soft as silk. Follow this routine once a week for a few months as needed, to really soften your hair. In the meantime, think positive thoughts and be sure to eat healthy and get enough healthy oils into your diet to keep hair soft from the inside out. If you have trouble finding the ingredients at the market and pharmacy, try a store such as whole foods market, or an essential oil store will have most as well. May you have soft, silky and glossy hair!

Softest hair ever