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Sexy corset wearing wiccan goddess

Do you want to help create the illusion of a perfect hourglass shape or even cast a magic spell to change your shape?  For centuries women have adopted the practice of wearing tight corsets as a way to give the illusion of a perfect shape.

Some even believe that wearing a corset with regularity can help you lose inches off your waist.  I think you have a better chance at casting a beauty spell or starting a diet and exercise regimen to change your waist line but some believe in corsets.  No pain no gain as they say.   The claim is that you wear the corset progressively tighter and tighter.  So long as you don’t have pain or cut off your circulation, you supposedly get slimmer and slimmer.  If you believe in those infomercials that tell you to buy a waist sweat belt to lose weight then you’ll be a believer in corsets as a weight loss method.

Okay so maybe you’re like me and you don’t believe that putting yourself in corset pain will change your waist line.  Understood.  But corsets are actually pretty cool.  Witches look fantastic in ethereal flowing clothes and feminine curves rule.  Corsets cinch in the waist line there is no doubt about it.  The tight strings and fashion statement of a corset is quite provocative and worthy of a wiccan goddess for sure.  For an other-worldly look, try a corset style body shaper or even a sexy antique dress with a corset waist line.

The goth, punk and emo community have embraced the use of corsets and they are actually back in style now.  You’ll see female celebrities wearing gothic corset inspired fashion in the high fashion magazines.  Corsets are often black and sexy.  They cinch in the waist using boning material or stretch body shaping fabric, and tie with strings, buckles or hook and eye closures.  If you want to bring out the goddess in you, try a corset style with stockings too.  Leather, lace and a little bit of naughty can be fun.  Are you casting a spell of attraction?  Wearing a corset for the ritual certainly can’t hurt that spell!

If a corset is too over the top for you then you can try a thick corset style belt.  These look great over flea market find dresses.  Take an old flowing satin or lace dress and cinch in the waist with a thick corset style multi-buckled cinch belt.   While it may not make you magically thin, it will give you the illusion of an hourglass shape the whole time you’re wearing it.