How to handle haters and jealousy

how-to-handle-haters Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have been bad mouthed? This can be just bad mouthing from your close friends, or worse, bad mouthing on the internet. If you feel over whelmed by hate here are a few tips for handling your haters.¬† Just know that being a jealous hater can ruin your health so don’t envy these people whatsoever.

Ignore haters

The number one tip for handling haters is to simply ignore them. Of course they are going to get right under your skin and they are going to annoy you seriously. But going after or getting involved with verbal tussles with haters just adds fuel to the fire. Usually these people have stalker like tendencies and if you engage with them it’s like a dog with a bone. Don’t stoop to their level.

Kill with kindness

You can also take the kill them with kindness approach. This just means taking the higher ground and not letting hater or jealous people bring you down in life. Haters are particularly insidious when they utilize social media or the Internet to do their hate. Their hate rants can stay online into perpetuity, damaging your reputation and making you feel bad. The only solution is to ignore it and when confronted with a hater be as nice as possible. Never allowing a hater to make you get nasty is winning. If you lose your temper with a jealous hater well then they have you beat. The key is to be kind, and never get nasty with a jealous person. You have to understand that where a hater is, there is always more hate. You’d be surprised how deep a hatred really goes if this person has taken the time to¬†articulate it. Therefore it is best to be kind and generally avoid them. Never add fuel to their hatred fire. Keep contact a minimum and be polite. Hello, Goodbye, Have a nice day, I’m sorry that you feel that way. The end. Believe in yourself and do not let a hater get you down or make you feel bad about yourself. Hold your head high.

Be successful

The best revenge on a hater is to make yourself as good a person and as successful as you can be. Therefore, haters can be the inspiration for your success. Prove them wrong and become the person you want to be or work hard on your business ventures. When people hate you because you are successful, just understand that they are simply jealous. A jealous person is an ugly person, so don’t let negative energy rub off on you. You need a strong self-esteem to withstand hatred but you can do it Do not let people hurt you or take advantage of you, and if they do, then do not associate with them. No friends is better than friends who are your enemy and do not wish you well. Rather than axing them out of your life with drama however, just distance yourself from those that are talking with hate or filled with rage and jealousy. Believe in yourself and involve yourself in new activities and get a social life going with those that are gentle and care about your general well-being.

Be kind to others

Haters really want you to fail so your best revenge is to prove them wrong and be successful at what you are trying to accomplish. Be kind to your friends as this increases the likelihood that your friends will have your back. The nicer you are, the less likely you are to attract haters into your inner circle. If you acquire a hater then examine your behavior towards this person or the image you are projecting, and try to make sure you are not giving off the wrong signals. If necessary, speak to an image consultant or take on some self-help reading about how to make and keep friends and network successfully.

Handling hate and jealousy

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