Ylang Ylang


Essential oils have numerous health and magic uses, such as the famed Ylang Ylang.  So much in the environment that is unhealthy can seep into your body with unknown health effects.  This is why the healing qualities of mineral oils is so wonderful.  The benefits to your body can be both internal and external.  Ylang Ylang is an intensely floral, sweet scent that is heady and slightly balsamic.

Flower of Flowers is the Malay name for Ylang Ylang, and it is a small tropical tree that is native to the Philippines.  The flower has a very heady sweet aroma and is valued for its delicious aphrodisiac scent.  In Southeast Asia the flower petals are spread on the wedding bed for sensuous excitement.

Ylang Ylang for hair and skin care

Ylang Ylang is a favorite mineral oil that smells like a wonderful bouquet of flowers.  It has many aroma and therapeutic properties that make is popular.  This tropical plant has been known for many benefits such as scalp massage, hair moisturizer, and antiseptic bacterial use to help banish pimples.  Ylang Ylang can help with irritated and oily skin and also is used in hair care products.

Ylang Ylang is a well known aphrodisiac

Ylang Ylang is also known for being an aphrodisiac.  The fragrance can help you embrace you sexual erotic side and spice things up between you and a love partner.   It can be used for erotic massage.  Wiccans use Ylang Ylang in their spells or as a love charm and perfume to attract men.  The fragrance dispels fear and helps with self confidence.  It is an ideal oil for use in tantric rituals and sex magic.  It can also help to get rid of anger, insecurity, jealousy and frustration that prevent women from moving on after an unhealthy relationship.

Ylang Ylang is useful in spells to overcome negative feelings

Ylang Ylang is used often in aromatherapy for its psychological effect to overcome insecurities and fear.  Used for everything from anxiety reduction, to providing a calm serene ambiance, this oil will help the worst insomniac calm down and get their beauty sleep.  Ylang Ylang can be utilized in Wiccan spells when an oil is needed to evoke deep, languid calm.  Spells to relieve stress and tension use Ylang Ylang as an essential ingredient.

Spiritually, Ylang Ylang can help your heart and spirit accept yourself and love yourself from within.  Some women use the oil to help with their depression as it inspires love and acceptance.  You can find Ylang Ylang at GNC, your neighborhood health-food store or for sale online.  Amazon sells the oil.  Just look for Wiccan essential oils or Health and aromatherapy beauty supplies.  Always remember that natural oils are heavily concentrated so use with care to avoid skin or allergic reactions and do not ingest.

Ylang Ylang

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