Witchcraft spell to banish a bad memory

Do you have a bad memory that is weighing on your mind?  A witchcraft ritual can be useful for when you wish to banish the bad memory from your inside mind and bring back your inner peace. A bad memory can weight down your spirit and rob you of happiness. You must accept the memory then let it go. 

With mental concentration you can excise the bad thoughts from your being.  Banishing spells can help you to meditate and mentally release the negatively that is influencing your mind and body.  Below are three banishing spell rituals by which you can banish the bad incident from your daily thoughts. For the spells to work be sure to recite this classical chant for banishing bad memories.

Be it my will to greet the past and accept it for what it is. I call the past to meet the present. I call the future to be bright. I bring myself forth from the darkness and hold me unto the light. Let not the past control the present. Let not the future be as dark as the night. I meet and greet my future with open arms so that I may move back into the light. Let my heart now be at peace with my soul. So mote it be.

Spell to banish the bad memory using a salt stir

  • green candle
  • gold candle
  • goblet of water
  • sea salt
  • incense burner
  • incense oil (try Wintergreen or Neroli)

Light a green candle to represent the newness of your spirit. Light a gold candle to represent good tidings. Burn your favorite oils using an incense burner. Meditate about the memory you need to let go of. Gently stir the sea salt into a goblet of water to symbolize the dissolving of the bad memory.

Spell to banish the bad memory using a helium balloon

  • piece of stationary paper
  • balloon with string

For this spell write the bad memory down on a piece of paper. Tie to a helium balloon and let the balloon go. Repeat the memory banishing spell until the balloon can no longer be seen in the sky.

Spell to banish the bad memory using a Pandora box

  • Pandora box
  • stationary paper

For this spell you will use a Pandora’s box to lock up and isolate the bad memory for good. Write the memory you wish to banish down on stationary paper. Then place in the Pandora box. A Pandora box can be any type of box however the type with a tiny key lock is preferable. Lock the memory into the box as you repeat the chant to banish it.

Now that the memory is locked away you can dispose of the box and the key as you wish.  Bury it, or keep it depending on your desire.   The memory should stay locked up and will not be released unless the box is reopened.  If you never want this memory to come back be sure to dispose of the key in a separate location.

Banishing a memory that is an ongoing nightmare

The hardest type of memory is one that is part of an ongoing nightmare. For example a lengthy divorce or custody battle, enduring a lawsuit from some sort of accident, or coping with a serious illness. These are difficult because there are ongoing reminders such as legal papers or medical treatments.

Even if the memory is an ongoing sore point, a banishing spell can help because it enables you to remove the pain and distractions of it. You’ll be able to continue move through the sequence of necessary actions, while mentally distancing yourself from the accompanying stress and sorrows associated with them.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself as you progress through a nightmare situation, you must remember that you’ve made a decision to let the emotions and hurt go. Now you’re just following through necessary steps without having the same emotional attachment to them. Focus on the other comforts and warmth’s in your life and don’t allow yourself to get sucked back in to the nightmare as it plays itself out.

Bad memories can bring you so much pain and distraction. They can often make you listless and depressed. You must be able to let it go. Every one has their cross to bear in life and skeletons in their closet. Rest assured you are not alone as nobodys life is without headache. You may not be able to remove the ups and downs in life that occur but you can exercise mental control as to how you handle them.

Sometimes it is not the bad things that are happening to you, but your viewpoint of them that matters. Happy people don’t let the low points in life dictate how they feel about life  in general. They are able to set aside negative incidents or thoughts and not let them permeate their overall state of well being. Memory banishing spells can help you focus on mastering your positive and negative thoughts, moods and mental well being.


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