Wiccan rituals

Wiccan spells and rituals are so wide ranging that they can encompass anything in the human experience.  Prayers and spells are meant to bring anything from love, good outcomes, friendship, success, beauty, health or even money.  Some spells have to do with rites of passage or life events as well.  Wiccans often practice alone or may join covens which are small groups of up to 13 Wiccans.

Rituals can involve what is called casting a circle.  The circle can be marked by Wiccans holding hands or with candles placed at the five points of the pentacle.  The altar is at the center of this circle.  The spells can involve gathering a variety of tools and spell ingredients.  They might include incense, candles, essential oils, stones, herbs, bells, brooms, natural elements such as stones or water, salt and statues of gods or goddesses.  The classic knife, wand, chalice or witches cauldron are sometimes used as well.

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