Wiccan Herbs

You might be wondering why herbs are used so prolifically in magic spells. When casting spells, the herbs are often sprinkled or placed within specific boundaries to define a territory. This is the space in which your magic will work and the designated area can be anything from a magic circle to your home or an alter that you have set up.  The herbs are used in a variety of ways for Wicca and are more than just an herbal smoking mixture to alter your state of consciousness. For one thing the herbs can be used in seasoning your food. Rosemary for example is a popular oil for cooking an seasoning. Fresh rosemary and olive oil make for a wondering flavor.  Herbs are also used to create special teas to heal illness.  Some herbs are said to even put you in a trance such as valerian and kava kava.


Many magic spells utilize charms and sachets. These are small bags that are filled with a formula of certain herbs for the specific purpose of a spell you are casting. Sometimes you carry the charmed sachet with you and other times you hang it in certain locations such as your home or car. Certain spells call for you to burn the sachet or a tied bundle of herbs and even bury it. Herbs are also commonly used as ritual incense as well. The herbs can be burned as incense or as oils and can smell aromatic and wonderful. A sage smudge for example can be used to clear negative vibrations from a space such as your home.


Another use of herbs are in a relaxing bath. A sachet of fragrant herbs can be added to a ritual bath for purposes of casting a spell or healing your body. Herbs can help make your bath more relaxing and smooth your skin. Lavender for example is a fragrant herb that can make you feel beautiful, relaxed and at peace. Other oils such as eucalyptus can be used in a bath to release congestion and help purge your body of a cold or flu germs. Beauty oils can help soften your hair, skin and nails.   Organic beauty products make use of natural herbs and oils at a fraction of the cost of man made synthetic equivalents.  The most popular of them are coconut or jojoba oils.   These skin softening natural anointing oils can be used for your witchcraft rituals and also for bath and beauty purposes.


The herbs are used in magic for their vibration essences. Wiccans call this the herbal correspondence and it plays an important role in many Wicca magic spells. Wiccans believe that the herbs have a gender and are ruled by a planet or element. They are believed to be sacred to a god or goddess. Many wiccans grow their own herbs in a garden. That way they have their own magical elements already influencing the home grown plant. For example if you grow the herb Ahgelica it  is thought to be ruled by the Sun. The herb if grown peraonally  by a wiccan in her own herb garden, will have the wiccans personal energies within it as well as the influence of fire and the Sun. Keep reading about the magical herbs section of wiccan beauty for a run down on all of the different herbs that wiccans employ for both herbal healing and herbal magic spell casting.

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