Wiccan Halloween

Wiccans love Halloween. Wiccans celebrate this holiday, called Samhain, as one of the yearly Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year. Wiccans believe that Halloween is the most important of the four greatest Sabbats.

The tradition starts when the sun sets. Wiccans pay respect to family members and friends who are deceased. It is a celebration of their loved ones who have died and in fact, their spirits are welome to join in such celebration.

Wiccan Samhim

Halloween or Samhain is known as being on one point of the wheel which celebrates the spirit of darkness and the dead. At the opposite end of the wheel is another Sabbat Wiccans celebrate which is the spring festival of Beltane. Samhain celebrates darkness while Beltane celebrates light and fertility.

Wiccans see Samhain as a night when there is a door to the other world opened to them. They can celebrate with the dead, and communicate with the dead. Because Samhain falls in late October to November, it is a holiday that marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker, winter half of the year.

Have a safe Halloween and remember that the door is open to the other world.  You really can communicate with your loved ones that have passed on. Celebrate, dance and most of all be safe on Samhain.

Wiccan Halloween

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