Wicca happiness spell


Do you want to invoke a simple spell that will help you bring happiness and joy into your life? Whether in love, at work, or just generally, a sense of being happy can boost your mood and your life. The better you feel the more productive you are and the more you can make family, friends and lovers happy in return.

A happiness spell can help you get rid of sadness from heart-break, disappointment or tragedy. It is all about your mood and just wanting to be happy again in your life and in your personal relationships is a start. Try chanting this sweet spell and you will immediately get a sense of feeling better!

Away with anger,
stress and strife
Happiness and joy
come into my life.
All my sorrows be healing,
so that happiness is my feeling,
A smile, a gentle word, a kiss,
the shining sun and glittering stars are bliss.
I am happy, I am free
No more negativity.

Happiness Spell

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