What is bad karma?


Karma is the belief that what you do will directly influence what happens to you. One simple way of viewing karma is that it means what goes around comes around…so when it’s bad karma it means you do something bad something bad will come back at you. Some witches believe that karma is a universal mystic law that cannot be avoided and that it is a rule under which all life operates. They believe strongly in the law of cause and effect. Given that, witches are inclined to avoid bad karma.

Classic Hinduism belief is that whenever an ego performs any action with a desire for the results of that action Karma accumulates to that ego. All karma accumulates including whatever remains from a previous birth. Hindus therefore try to perform all actions as a tool without desiring the results. In Hinduism beliefs, if someone does something bad in a previous life, it haunts them right in the next. To get good karma, one needs to do good works continually. Buddhists also believe that your Karma can only be changed by many lifetimes of good works.

The three-fold law

The more classic religious beliefs take on a rather strict viewpoint on karma involving many lifetimes. Witches and psychics however, do believe that you can change your karma in this lifetime simply by acting with integrity. A law about karma called the Wiccan Three-fold law is one of the basics of Wiccan belief. Wiccans view karma simply as meaning : reaping what you sow, in three times the measure returned to you. All Wiccans believe in essence, that what you give out returns to you, magnified.

Dangers of bad karma

Wiccans believe very much in Karma and they also believe that Karma will be returned to you in three-fold. That means, if you act with good karma then you should expect triple good karma back! The idea that Wiccans want to cast evil spells is hogwash. Wiccans generally want to cast only positive spells, that bring positivity into their lives and the lives of others. A witch knows that casting or wishing evil on someone will only serve to bring such evil right back to her doorstep.

Pagans acknowledge that choices have repercussions. One of the most immediate repercussions, and both the strongest and the subtlest repercussion, is the resulting energy which is generated by that choice. If a witch casts a spell to hurt someone in anger, they must first generate sufficient anger in themselves to drive them to that action. Such a spell would be considered black magic. Wiccans find black magic to be totally dangerous and they really try to avoid it at all costs. You will rarely find Wiccan spells that originates out of anger or that centers around hatred because such black magic is taboo to a Wiccan goddess.

Benefits of good karma

Basically, you will want to have good karma. Good karma means you have been a kind, caring, good person. If you are, you will in turn be rewarded back with good things. Bad karma means you have not been a good person and should be expecting some bad things to happen to you.

On a spiritual level, anger creates emotional separation. Whenever you divorce yourself from the divine presence, you feel pain deep within your soul. You may not recognise the pain, but you will feel its symptoms: loneliness, frustration, anxiety, emptiness, etc. Each time you feel hatred, you’re offered the opportunity to notice how you’re hurting yourself, others, the Earth, and the gods and goddesses. Each time, you are therefore given the opportunity to make another choice and be positive instead. The Wiccan law of three-fold is not a scare of a threat but really an offering of healing.

Regardless of whether the world around you is peaceful, you will never see that peace, unless you have a peaceful heart yourself. Piece in your hear is also peace that you can generate around you and in others. This is fundamental to Wiccan philosophy – nothing is lost. It all comes back around, so stay positive and the life you wish for as a goddess will be blessed. One little thought of compassion, one little act of kindness, one little choice for forgiveness .. always multiplies!

Cycle of karma

Karma in Indian religions refers to the concept of an action, or a deed. These actions or deeds are understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect. As it relates to the cycle, bad karma would indicate a deed that causes a negative cycle of cause and effect. A negative cycle of bad karma stems from actions deemed as evil or wrong.

You can view karma as a threat, such as if you do something bad to someone it will come back to you. But this is also a negative energy. The best thing to do, is to live positively and wish the best for all those around you, be it humans, elements of nature, and of course animals.


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