What are voodoo dolls for?

A voodoo doll is used to represent the spirit of a specific person.  When meditating or casting a spell the voodoo doll is used as a focusing tool to implement the desired spell.  Many witches believe that the use of such dolls for visualization is so useful that they are powerful and mystical magic tools.  If you truly believe in your cause and are using the doll for a benevolent magic spell then it can help with your spell ritual to use it.

Wiccans don’t use voodoo dolls for hurting someone

In some voodoo practices, a witch uses the voodoo doll to cast a spell to hurt someone.  Hurtful spells and inflicting pain onto someone using a voodoo doll is often portrayed in movies as well.  Wiccans however, are strongly against casting spells to specifically hurt someone.  The reason is that they believe in karmic backlash.

Wiccans believe in karmic backlash

Karmic backlash is when you cast a spell or use a voodoo doll to hurt someone else.  Karma however, brings the hurt back to you three times over.  Therefore, when using a voodoo doll to visualize or as a ritual tool for spell casting, think carefully about using it to cause someone pain.  Use voodoo dolls only for creating positive thoughts, positive spells and for loving purposes.  This way, the karma will only deliver spectacular rewards to you.

Voodoo witch’s in New Orleans

Voodoo magic is popular in New Orleans.  The voodoo dolls are sometimes used by a voodoo witch to contact the spirits and request something for their client.  The voodoo doll is used to represent the spirit of a specific person or animal.  The witch calls upon the spirit to respond.  The goal of the contact is usually a request for fulfillment of some sort for their client.  The goal might be to enhance love, career, family matters, relationships, or one’s finances.

Voodoo doll spells

Voodoo witches usually charge money to cast a spell.  There are even offerings on the Internet for voodoo spell casting and the price for such spells can be anywhere from ten dollars to sixty dollars.  Please, be wary when paying for anything on the Internet. Beware of Internet scams.  If you are unsure of the reputation of a voodoo witch do not under any circumstance use your credit card to purchase magic spells from them.  Some voodoo spell casters are merely scam artists wanting to take your money or obtain your credit card information.

Never reuse a voodoo doll

Voodoo dolls will absorb psychic energies from whom ever has used them.  If you come upon a voodoo doll that has been used for some purpose before then the voodoo doll will not be pure. This can cause spells to have negative consequences particularly if the voodoo doll was used to inflict pain on someone.  It is a bad idea to use someone else’s voodoo doll.  You don’t want karmic effects from it’s prior use to befall you.  If a voodoo doll has been used to hurt someone before you could have ill effects such as bad luck, depression, conflicts or accidents.

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