What are essential oils?

Essential oils are powerful, fragrant and effective catalysts for health and beauty spells.  Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic essences of plants.  They are extracted directly from plant parts.  For example the root, flower, fruit, leaf and wood part of the plants can be the source from which the oil is extracted.  A variety of plants from around the world can be utilized for making essential oils. 

The pure oils that are derived from these botanical sources are the basis for organic bath, beauty and health products.  The oils can be used in a variety of ways such as adding them to your bath, spraying them using a misting bottle, or diffusing them into the air.  The primary way essential oils are used for skin care is by adding them to skin care oils.

Essential oils have different manufacturers and one of the keys is to find essential oils that are 100% pure.  Certified organic essential oils for example, are made from plants that are grown organically.  There are no pesticides or chemicals used in the growing or processing steps and and a third independent party certifies the product as legitimately 100% organic.  The best way to assure quality of the oils is to trust the brand name.  You can find essential oils at the specialty markets including, for example, Whole Foods and Sprouts.  Well known brand names such as Avalon or Aura Cacia carry a wide variety of essential oils as part of the health and beauty line of products.

The magical properties of essential oils

While not pure magic, the powerful fragrant aromas of essential oils can undoubtedly help to improve your mood and feelings.  The primary way that they do this through your sense of smell.  When combined with for example skin oils and body massage, essential oils can also relax your muscles and bring tranquility through touch as well as aroma. 

The fact that these natural botanical oils can truly affect your mindset is what makes them so popular with Wiccans.  Essential oils are commonly used in a variety of witch craft rituals.  Essential oils can be used in practical ways for example to nourish and strengthen your skin, hair or nails.  The oils are often added in as ingredients to a beauty product.  But essential oils can also be used as highly effective spell ingredients. 

The aromatherapy benefits can be harnessed as part of specific witchcraft spells as each type of oil has certain lucky or beneficial properties.  A particular oil is used for a purpose.  An experienced aromatherapist & witch understands the exact aromatic profile of each individual plant and she what the aromatherapy benefits of it are.  This knowledge is then used to choose the proper essential oils for a particular Wicca spell to maximize its effectiveness.

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