Weeping willow hearbreak spell

Are you suffering from a broken heart? This weeping willow heartbreak spell should help hasten your healing. The weeping willow tree has long been tauted as one of the most mysterious trees in existence. The superstitions about willow trees have an interesting history in mythology. The sorcery teacher Hecate was the Greek goddess of the the moon and willow tree. The ancient Greek poet Orpheus took willow branches with the when he went to the underworld as the willow was considered holy to poets. Goddess Helice often employed willow in her magic spells.

The willow tree is most throught of by abandoned lovers and those struck with fever and pain. In the 1500’s people who had been forsaken by their lovers wore hats made from the willows leaves and twigs. Willows also grace cemeteries as their long drooping branches drip the raindrop water from the rain as tears for the deceased. Willows have been said to have healing properties as well. The bark has been used to cure fevers, colds and rheumatism. The is some science to the healing theory as willows contain salicylic acid, a curative drug. Aspirin has salicylic in it, as does many a healing astringents. Salicylic is a major ingredient in many skin exfoliation beauty products, facial skin cleansing cosmetics, and wart removal treatment oitment.

This willow love spell should help those who are in deep emotional pain over a relationship break down. Superstition says that it will take one month to recover for each year that you knew your lover. If you are hoping to speed up the recover to a happy and carefree life again without your lover, you can practice this spell. The spell can be re-cast as many times as needed until your recovery from the broken heart is complete. Even if you are not a witch you’ll find yourself feeling like a weight has lifted after the spell. It comes down to mind over matter, as the person casting this spell is taking a step forward in wanting to move on with their life. You’ll feel less sorrow and more peaceful. So, find a weeping willow as it is a sacred Wicca tree and cast the memories of your ex lover to the afterlife.

Spell Ingredients

  • A weeping willow tree
  • A photograph or memorabilia of your ex lover
  • A piece of stationary paper and calligraphy pen
  • A small memory box

Write the love spell poem down on a small piece of stationary or antique paper. Use a pen or calligraphy pen to write the poem. Take a photograph or memorabilia of your ex lover, along with the poem to the willow tree. Hold onto the photograph and a long slim tendril branch of the weeping willow. The branch should be live, and part of the tree. As you recite the spell focus on relieving your burden of emotion. Visualize yourself as happy again without having to need this lover in your life. Recite the love spell below as you hold the live branch and memorabilia.

Heartbreak Spell

Willow tree please take away my pain,
Please give to me healing from this strain,
May my heart uplifted be,
My your gracious power oh Willow tree.

After the spell is complete take a small twig from the branch. Also take a small amount of dirt from the ground directly under the tree where raindrop tears fall down from the branch. Place the twig, raindrop dirt, photograph or memorabilia, and poem into the small memory keepsake box. Store the box as an old keepsake in your garage. This should help you get over your hearbreak from your lover. Decades from now you might look at the box and remember the long lost lover, who was once a part of your life. Your lover will be nothing but a past memory.

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