Wear a skirt to exude goddess power

Have you lost touch with your inner goddess?  Challenge yourself to feel feminine and wear only skirts and dresses for an entire week.  Women who wear skirts are seen as confident and unafraid of being feminine.  Skirts give an excellent first impression almost instantly.  If you’d like to hypnotise suitors or even exude potential for success in the workplace don’t be afraid to get in touch with your feminine side.  Dressing feminine is empowering, beautiful and simple, yet the concept is often lost with utilitarian clothes.

You are after all, a woman.  If you feel that your goddess beauty has fallen by the wayside it is time to wear a skirt once again.  This is a quick pick me up for any Wiccan goddess.   You were created as a goddess and the simplest way for your to cherish your womanhood is to embrace your femininity with beautiful apparal that makes you feel goddess like. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner goddess and let it shine through with flowing soft skirts and dresses that show off your charm and personality.  Feminine clothes and accessories will make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident.  Don’t be a afraid to be a girly witch with florals, colors, and even a touch of makeup.   Change your day by wearing a beautiful flowing outfit and romance will appear at your doorstep as if by pure magic.  Be a goddess.

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