Water lily a beautiful magical water flower you can enjoy as a fragrance oil

The water lily has many herbal applications.  It’s roots and stalks and petals have been used in a variety of beauty products such as skin cleansing astringents.  Water lily has also been used traditionally as a mild anesthetic.  Monks use the crushed plant and mixed it with wine to be used as a magical aphrodisiac.  You can find water lily available as an essential oil for purchase.  Water lily essential oil is often used for lotions and perfumes, cleaning products, bath oils, soaps and gels, potpourri, incense, and vegetable and paraffin wax.

A legend of the water lily claims that a star maiden came down from the night sky and wanted to live with the Dakota.  To get permission, the chief sent his son and the maiden to seek the approval of the tribe’s adviser.  The wise advisor lived across the lake.  While rowing across the lake in the dark the canoe hit a log and tipped over.  Sadly the star maiden fell in the water never to be found or recovered.  The next morning, the first yellow water lily appeared at the exact same spot she fell.  The maiden was reincarnated as the flow we now call the water lily.

According to Gypsy magic, if you were born between the 20th of February and 20th of March you were born under the sign of the water lily.  Water lily signs are said to be deeply psychic.  If your birthday is in this month you are said to be extremely intuitive.  You can absorb the emotions of people around you almost telepathically and this can be a bit scary.  Your emotions can run out of control and be swayed.  Because you are a naturally creative person such as an artist, musician or dancer, you are able to absorb ideas of those around you but remain grounded.

The water lily also called white lotus, is a beautiful flowering plant that lives in water with leaves that float on the surface.   You can enjoy the plant safely by finding skin creams and perfumes that incorporate the water lily’s beautiful fragrance.  The water lily scent is often mixed together with jasmine and sold as a concentrated essential oil.

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