Turn over a new leaf


Did you know that turning over a new leaf can do wonders for your self-esteem and mood? You can improve your sense of well-being overnight if you decide to turn over a new leaf and get your life and well-being on track. Whether its your weight, your beauty, your health, or your mental health, any day is just as good of a day to vow to turn over a new leaf. It does not have to be New Years, it can be today.

Your leaf charm

To symbolize turning over a new leaf you can collect some beautiful spring leaves and decorate your altar with them. Alternatively, you can purchase a leaf charm and wear it on a chain with your Wiccan pentagram. Another idea is to wrap the charm around a bottle of precious gems or beads that you own. For example, this leaf charm bottle from AvalondesignsNL¬†of the Netherlands is an adorable idea that I ran across on Etsy. The idea is to make your turning over of a new lead “official”.

Your new leaf plan to improve your health, fitness, and overall well-being

One way to turn over a new leaf is to get control of your exercise habits. This can lead you to a healthier lifestyle and make you feel better about yourself which can make it way easier to diet and lose weight. Get into moving around in the great outdoors. Green exercise is going to make you feel invigorated. By green that means get outside. Whether it is a daily walk, bike ride, job, or hiking outdoors you are going to feel amazing. Fitness activities help you with stress management and you will feel a definite improvement in your sense of well-being if you start to exercise regularly.

Sometimes the first day can be the hardest. Just mark today on your calendar and promise yourself to get outside, and eat right for just that day. Then, tomorrow morning, it will be that much easier to continue with your new and improved lifestyle. You can start today by simple taking a walk around the block! Just choose today to be the day! And even if you don’t succeed, then nothing stops you from making that day tomorrow.

Note that if you are depressed from a break up or being single or from a lousy life event, the first few weeks of your new-leaf can leaf you feeling over-whelmed and thinking this task is just too hard. Don’t psyche yourself out though! The key is to go on a day-by-day basis. I promise within a few days your new leaf work will start to sink in and you will feel a bit better. The positive effects of having turned over a new leaf can take a bit of time to sink in. So, take that into account and don’t expect to feel 100% right at the beginning. Put in a few days, or few weeks, of your new routine, before passing judgement on it or giving up.

Challenge yourself quick tips for turning over a new leaf

Challenge yourself to set new confidence and beauty goals. You deserve to blossom your inner beauty towards your outer beauty and let it shine through. It can be simple and it often involves only making a few changes to your lifestyle. Purchasing a comfortable new pair of athletic shoes and going on walks can be your easy first step.

You can challenge yourself to get healthy by trying out a few of these strategies. One strategy is to track your calories a little better than you have before. Set a goal and try to stay under something very reasonable such as 2000/per day. This gives you plenty of room to eat healthy and lose weight slowly and easily. Read up on healthy eating and make a trip to the grocery store stocking up on healthy foods to eat. Start a new exercise habit that is relatively easy for you to stick to. Most women go overboard and try things they will never be able to maintain. Something simple like a walk every evening is easy enough. Give yourself one or two off days a week then stick to walking on the other five days.

Set your beauty goals and make them achievable. Do not set unrealistic goal such as lose 10 pounds this month. That is so ridiculous. Set a goal you can actually meet such as lose a pound or two this month instead. If your goals are rational it’s going to be way more enlightening to stick to them and succeed. Get a healthy glow by eating right, exercising and drinking plenty of fluids every day. Buy some water bottles and make drinking one extra water bottle a day a priority. Bring it on your walk, and drink it.

Toning exercises can really help firm up your flab and cellulite. You can buy a few yoga stretch books, or create an 8-10 minute firming routine of leg lifts, crunches, and stretches. Even something very mild can be helpful in toning up your body. If you are a gym member try doing about 5 nautilus machines every time you pass through the gym as this can help tone your body up even more than walking.

Your goal should be to walk, tone, eat healthy, and drink plenty of fluids. Another mental boost is to revamp your hair, makeup and wardrobe. Make some visits to the makeup counter and the mall and freshen up your clothes. Pick inspiring items that you love that make you feel beautiful and sexy. Pamper yourself with a nail session, massage or even just a candle lit bubble bath with essential oils at home.

If you have a hard time turning over a new leaf all on your own, some women can benefit from visiting a health resort, for example the Oaks at Ojai in Southern California is an example of one. They have them all over. While they can be pricey, some women benefit from going to one of these retreats for a weekend. They get some exercise and fitness and diet tips that they can take home with them. Sometimes, just a day or two at such a resort can be a great jumpstart to turning over a new leaf if you cannot do this yourself. Lastly, be kind to yourself and others. Holding on to anger makes it really difficult to turn over a new leaf. Let anger dissipate and focus on happiness and well-being.

Turning over a new leaf

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