True Match L’Oreal Super Blendable Makeup

Many think that witch’s are these unsightly women who shun makeup and everything superficial. This is not true!  There are many gorgeous witches.  While a witch focuses primarily on inner beauty, many of them also do wear makeup.   They care about how they look and dress.  The shave and wear makeup and pay attention to style.  There is nothing wrong with a touch of makeup.  Whatever makes you feel beautiful both inside and out is what you should believe in.

If you are dressing up or getting into the spirit of a celebration than you might play with makeup and employ bright colors depending on your mood. Yet for every day use, a goddess witch will keep makeup to a minimum. She might use a hint of makeup to get a natural beauty look and to enhance her basic beauty.

To color facial flaws you might like a light weight mild foundation. Something inexpensive such as L’Oreal blend-able makeup comes in 32 different shades. You can match your skin tone perfectly. Since many witches prefer pale skin there are shades from porcelain light all the way to espresso. Find a match to your skin color and apply a small amount to face blending well to create a goddess-like flawless face.

You can find this makeup online at!

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