Tips to bring back the goddess in you

Have you lost your inner goddess? Sometimes a negative life event can throw you off your goddess game. Once this happens, it can be difficult to get back to feeling really good about yourself. Circumstances such as divorce, breakups, job changes, auto accidents, stress, and disease can take a toll on your inner state of mind, as well as tear down your outer appearance. If you are feeling in a funk here a few simple tips to bring back your goddess.

Buy something nice

Buying something nice is always a quick pick me up. Go out shopping and buy what you like, for example fashion jewelry, clothing, or home decor items. While such purchases can be deemed superficial, they can also jump-start a better mood. After shopping for clothes you might get motivated to go through your closet and wear your nice things more often. If you buy jewelry or hair items you’ll feel prettier.

Purchasing a few home items can motivate you to clean up your house with organization or improvement projects.  You can spruce up your decor, get rid of old items, or buy some vases, flower arrangements, potpourri or other beautiful objects.  Beauty inspires the soul so embrace some new items and try to jump-start yourself into turning over a new leaf.  The floral arrangement shown is from the Ritz Carlton hotel. Luxury hotels know how to use beautiful and plush furnishings and arrangements to make their guests feel special. Translate this idea to your own home.  Buy a new item or two or rearrange things to create a fresh new inspiring ambiance to your own abode.

If you don’t like material things you can try some mental pampering.  Go see a psychic with a girlfriend and have some fun.  Visit the bookstore and search for reading inspiration such as decorating books, books on wellness, or self-help books.  Even throwing yourself into work can help put a negative event to the back of your mind for a while.  Go for a spa treatment such as a massage, or take a relaxing bath with beautiful bath salts and candles.

If you spend time shopping, making improvements, seeing movies, and otherwise distracting yourself socially, you’ll be able to relegate negative thought processes to the back of your mind where they belong.  Women with strong social lives or busy schedules tend to function better in the face of bad news.  Be that woman that even if her house goes up in flames, she makes it to the bridge club meeting that week.  Women who are social and active reign supreme when it comes to being able to put everything in perspective.  Having fun may seem superficial however those who know how to have a good time tend to function better in life and that is a well known fact.

Pay for a Beauty Treatment

Are you in a funk after a negative incident and you just can’t seem to snap out of it? A bit of luxury after a traumatic event can be well worth its cost. Perhaps you can get a hair trim, conditioning treatment, or beauty treatment. Whether it be a wax, laser or skin procedure it might do the trick to jump-start your beauty routine. Outer beauty is indeed superficial yet taking care of yourself believe it or not can improve your spirits. If you look good it helps you to feel good. Likewise, if you feel good it helps you to look good.

It’s a bit of reverse psychology but sometimes a superficial treatment helps jumpstart a better inner mood. For example, if you’ve developed brown spots from sun exposure, always wanted to get hair-free smooth legs with laser treatments, or abhorred those witchy varicose veins, why not get it fixed up?  Modern beauty technology is not just for the models and celebrities.  Anyone can do it and if you chose to employ the magic of modern technology to reverse a bit of agine then so what.  It’s not a crime.  Nature has its way of taking its tool on the body. Childbirth, natural aging, and big stressors can all impact your goddess beauty. To bring back your game consider cracking the piggy bank. Invest in the beauty treatment you always wanted and if someone calls you superficial just forget them and don’t listen. What better time to take on such a project than when you’re down and out. You’ve got time on your hands and need distractions, so get cracking on that beauty wish of yours.

Focus on your health and fitness

After a broken love affair, loss of a job, or horrible accident, you might feel like crawling into a hole. Depression from life’s low point is all too common. While there are medications you can take if you really need them, it can be preferable to get over things without needing to use synthetic drugs. To do this, you are going to have to get up out of that funk and start on a new project.

The best project if you are feeling down after a breakup up or hard event, is to turn focus on the positive. You’ve got your health and your well-being which counts for the most. If you’re climbing out of low point you need a major distraction and a project to preoccupy your mind. Focus on your health. Are you behind in that diet you always wanted to succeed at? Are you turning into a marshmallow from being so out of shape? Now is the time to get going on a new healthy eating and exercise plan. Exercise is known to create a natural high of endorphins and it also is a known depression buster.  Get out and go for a nature walk or window shop while walking in a nice area with interesting boutique stores.

Count your blessings and move forward

Traumatic events can up-heave your psychic energy levels. One of the pitfalls in feeling low is that you start to compare yourself to others and the luck that they are having. This is a mistake. You only see people from the outside and you never really know what goes on in their personal lives. They might be luckier than you however everyone has their challenges and cross to bear in life.

Try to avoid comparison as this will only encourage jealousy.  If you’ve never married or never had children you mustn’t dwell and become down on your entire existence.  Instead, you need to value and take stock of the good things going on in your life.  It may not be ideal or as you wished it on the one hand, but it doesn’t suck as much as you’d like to think.  Whatever your situation I assure you that there are plenty others dealing with the same.

You might have your home, health, a family, children, pets you love, hobbies or other thinks that you adore.  Appreciate the good things you have going on. That way, you can put the negative trauma you recently experienced into perspective.  It is too easy to let a negative circumstance envelop your mood.  Get up and shake that off.  While you can’t change whats happened you can distract yourself.  The most important thing is to create a focus shift and try to pursue positive endeavors.  This will help you not to dwell and obsess over something unpleasant.

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