Thunder love spell

With the clouds and stormy weather you can cast a spell to bring a new love to you, renew a relationship, send a mind message to your lover, and quickly make him fall in love with you.

Raining and thundering love spell

For this love spell you must chant this wish when it is thunder and lightening. Lightening only strikes once so when you have the god of thunder and lightening near you then be sure to harness that natural energy to bring your love closer.

If it is raining an thundering you must stand outside in a covered protected are. As you hear and see the thunder, be ready to recite the following chant. You must recite the chant when a large rumble of thunder and lightening hits nearby to make it effective.

God of thunder,
Please hear my plea,
Bring (desired love) to me,
I wish for his love,
from the heavens above.
The power of thunder bring to me
true love as it is meant for me,
so mote it be.

Thunder love spell

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