The triple goddess maiden, mother and crone

Moderns Wiccans embrace the concept of the triple goddess.   The triple goddess is really only one goddess and the triple part refers to the different phases of life for her.  The maiden, mother and crone are linked to the phases of the moon.  The lunar cycle is extremely meaningful to Wiccans and various spells are done at certain phases in the cycle.

The maiden is when she is young and radiant.  She’s enchanted, virginal and full of life.  She is linked to the fullest moon.  The mother is a woman at her absolute peak.  She’s sexually mature and fertile.  The mother is linked to the lunar cycle at the half moon point.  The crone finally, is a woman who is wise and mature.  As she dies the moon goes away from crescent to gone (the waning moon).  The cycle of life continues to a full moon again and the cycle is repeated.

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