The traditional fair maiden and the unicorn purity legend

I’ve been truly enjoying my studies of Wicca and related topics.   I love the gorgeous and inspiring artwork, jewelry, folklore legends and stories about witchcraft, goddesses and magic. 

Did you know that animals both real and mythical are beloved by witches?  Let’s look at the beautiful unicorn in this article as he is certainly one of the fair maiden’s most favored companions.

The unicorn is often seen alongside goddesses and fair maidens and always captures the imagination.  You can’t help but admire this magical animal they are truly amazing to look at in photograph and artistic forms.  They often have a gorgeous fair maiden pictured alongside them.  For a bit of fun let’s touch upon some of the inspiring folklore of unicorns and their historical relationship with fair maidens.

There is unicorn mythology from all corners of the world, however each has to decide whether they believe if unicorns exist or not.  At least up until the 19th century, belief in unicorns was widespread.  Folklore has it that the unicorn is a white horse with a pointed spiraling horn coming out of its forehead.  The horn was believed to be magical and it could make poisoned water drinkable and heal sickness.

In mideival times the unicorns horn, called an alicon was a sought after healing spell ingredient.  The horn was believed to be able to cure illnesses and neutralize poisen.  Horns were sold in druggest shops in jars and bottles in powdered or ground up form.  The wealthy royalty had priceless whole horns for such healing spell purposes.

To test if a unicorns horn was real a circle was drawn and a spider and horn was placed inside of it.  If the spider could not cross outside the circle and starved to death as a result, it was said that it was a true unicorns horn.  Unicorns are very elusive and rarely seen.  It is said that only those with purity of heart would ever be lucky enough to see this elusive creature.

The unicorn is often linked to goddesses and fair maidens.  Unicorns have been a key imaginary animal in history especially the middle ages and the renaissance.  They are said to be symbolic of purity and grace.  Only a virgin fair maiden can capture one.  Because it was known that unicorns love innocent fair maidens, evil hunters would being such a woman when trying to hunt or capture a unicorn.

Legend has it that if you have a unicorn you should always keep a fair maiden nearby to handle it.  Three things known about mystical unicorns are that you should never put a unicorn into an enclosed space as it’s horns won’t allow it to fit in a confined location.  It must be free.  And, unicorns love jokes!

As wild and free mystical creatures, a unicorn won’t like being confined to a stable.  If you come across a unicorn you should be equipped with a joke for it.  Unicorns like humor and if you get a unicorn angry it can kick you, skewer you with its horn, or spit on you causing you to fall a sleep for 100 years.  Unicorns are wickedly smart.  The unicorn could be a harbinger of a desired personality trait such as purity for example. 

Some witches have favorite animals that serve as powerful symbols in their spiritual toolbox.  They incorporate these animal symbols into spells and collect statues for their altar.   The symbolism of the unicorn could represent a desire for innocence and purity, to purify water or for spells that are meant to help heal illness.

A fair and gentle maiden is always needed for a unicorn.  The fairer the maiden is, legend has it, the easier she can get a unicorn to do what she wants.  A unicorn will do whatever a fair maiden wishes.  Wiccans love mystical animals such as unicorns and dragons.  Most wiccans are practical in their thoughts that unicorns don’t exist, however they nevertheless enjoy the whimsical animal as it brings back memories of childhood when unicorns and fair maiden tales were so magical. 

Animals can also become very inspiring to the Wiccans that love them.  They are often used to represent or symbolize a spiritual identity.  Unicorns are often used as totems.  A totem is a natural object or animal which serves as a distintive, often venerated emblem or symbololism to an individual.  They can represent desired traits or ideals.

The archetype of the unicorn is often used for spiritual meditation.  The unicorn might be a spiritual guide for ones calming self meditation.  Imagine that you are a beautiful maiden and the unicorn is your devoted guide.  His white coat symbolizes purity.  The single horn is associated with the opening of the third eye to have inspiring spiritual visions.  The unicorn is always associated with purity, innocence, clear vision and ones virginity.  The unicorn can cover great distances and carry a spirtual rider safely and quickly.  if you love unicorns it is no surprise – you must be a fair maiden!

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