The magic of First Impressions

What will you do when you meet the man of your dreams?  Your initial opportunity to impress a man is amongst the most important magic moments.  Be ready to catch his eye and capture his heart in the first crucial seconds of meeting him for the first time.  The magic of the fist split seconds upon him viewing your photos or meeting him in person is crucial.

A University of Austin study authored by Sam Gosling Ph.D. revealed that people will get a good read on each other even based on photos alone.  They will judge your self esteem, likability, openness to new experiences, and traits of extraversion simply from your photographs.  If you are representing yourself online by a photograph, recognize how important that photograph is as it is being used by the person viewing it to formulate an opinion about you.

If you meet someone in real life, then you have several opportunities to work your magic on them within the first moments of meeting them.   Author Joe Navarro is an author of the book What Every Body is Saying.  He is a nonverbal communication expert.  He states that you have four essential opportunities to impress a person and draw them magically into you.  It is all in the approach.  This person will see you from a distance and form a first impression.   When you shake hands or are initially introduced they form a first impression.  As you converse for the first time they form an impression.  As you leave, they form a first impression.  From these four essential interactions they will formulate an initial opinion about you and know if they potentially like you or not right then and there.  Make the most of these  first magical moments to get him under your spell.

Armed with the knowledge that the first few minutes of meeting a potential romantic partner, why not take advantage and work your magic.  Put Mr. Right under your magic spell and capture his heart by making a good first impression.   Be friendly and sweet and do not use foul language.  Try not to fidget, look away or act nervous.  Men are drawn to a relaxed and self confident woman.  Maintain some eye contact and be attentive and interested in him.  Have a sense of humor but the tone should say light and not aggresive.  Keep your body language open.  Don’t slouch or look down or away or cross your arms. 

You want to send cues to your potential lover that you want to talk and get to know them.  You have to show some level of interest.  Use a feminine melodious voice when chatting and avoid yelling and harsh tones.  Avoid touchy subjects and keep the conversaion topics light.

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