The four cardinal elements are earth, air, fire, and water


Wiccans put a strong emphasis on the four elements which are earth, fire, air, and water.  Each of the elements has its own traits and meaning.


Earth is the feminine element.  It is associated with the goddess, with fertility and with stability.  The Earth is solid, firm, and nurturing like a mother.  The plant is a wheel that turns and all aspects of life take place on Earth.  The living cycle is birth, life, death, then rebirth.  Wiccans often use the color green or brown to represent the Earth.


Fire is the masculine strong energy.  It is linked to strong will and the strength of the god.  Fire can heal or harm, destroy life, or bring about new life.  Wiccans use the color red or orange to represent the fire element.  Fire is purifying and full of strength.


Water represents a more feminine energy and is connected to the Goddess.  Water is associated with passion and spirituality.  Wiccans use water for purification and to consecrate items.  It is used to remove negative energy and for blessings and invocations.  Water is pure and used therefore to consecrate the circle for spells, and all the tools and ingredients used in spell.  Water is associated with the color blue.


Air is the breath of life.   Air is the soul.  Air is focused on in spells that are meant to blow strife out of your life and carry peace and positive serene thoughts in to your life.  Air is linked to wisdom, serenity, and the power of the mind.  Air is associated with the color white, or yellow.

The four elements

The four elements are a fundamental aspect of Wiccan belief.  Some Wiccans see the points of the pentagram as representing the four elements (air, fire, water, earth) as well is the fifth which is the spirit or akasha.  The elements are often invoked as part of Wiccan rituals and spells.   They are used in their physical forms to purify spell ingredients, as part of the ritual, and for circle or altar that is used as a pure place for casting spells.

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