The fate witch couture embraced tight bodices and revealing slashed sleeves

The fantasy book 7the Sea and the Vodacce source book describes the mythical fate witch.  She is an enchanting witch that embraces and plays up her dark and solitary reputation.  She wears dark fabrics usually black.  While she has long sleeves and full length skirts, the outfits are intriguing with lace over-skirts, and fabrics including velvet, crepe satin, silk, shantung, jacquard and heavy linen. 

The more fabric that the fate witch is wearing, the wealthier and more powerful she is.  Try this look for a special occasion, ceremony or costume party even.  If you’re a wiccan it’s great fun to put together a fate witch ensemble and photograph it for posterity.  A memorable framed photograph of you looking like a fantasy Wiccan Goddess is a nice treasure to put on your wall.   When you cast spells and perform rituals such a picture will add to your room and the spells ambiance.  Don’t be afraid to create a fantasy inspired, over the top spectacle and photogrph is as a witchcraft keepsake.  You’ll be sure to mesmerize the onlookers with a fate witch fantasy outfit.

It sounds like a full covered fate witch outfit would be plain yet on the contrary.  There is gorgeous fabric and trimmings.  Scalloped lace adorns the hems and sleeves.  Sexy accents such as silk cording and little glass beads are often spread across and sewn in to the sexy bodice.  The beads sparkle like magical rain drops and use the effect of light.  The fate witch’s regalia is often topped with an elaborate veil.  it’s almost a gothic style with a tendency towards a dark and spooky look with lots of lace beading.  A petticoat under a skirt gives the evocative fullness to the fate witch ensemble.

Whether you are a real witch or not, it’s intriquing to embrace the historical fantasy of the fate witch.  Consider donning such a provacative costume for a fantasy photo shoot, special event or ceremony.  To create a sexy fate witch look, consider a black lace overdress worn over an opaque black slip.  

Black roping can be used to add laceups to the skirt, bodice or sleeves.  The look borders on bondage but is erotic nonetheless.  The fate witch will wear makeup, usually pairing a pale skin tone with red lipstick and penciled in eyebrows.   Add plenty of mascara or fake black lashes.  This outfit will be fitting for the occasional evil or mischievous spell being cast on an enemy.

Consider adding a petticoat underneath your dress purchased from a thrift or bridal store.  To complete the full coverage looks find lace or velvet long opera gloves.    You’ll want them going all the way up the arm if your dress is sleeveless.  An old thrift store dress in black, deep red or midnight blue would work nicely.  Remove the bows and leave the lace and beading.  For a sexy vamp courtesan version consider checking a club wear store online such as Hot Topic.  Granny lace up boats in black and netted or lace stockings should complete the fate witch ensemble.

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