Super into lace adornments for goddess witch fashion

Lace is traditionally worn with lingerie and bridal wear, yet most witches know that it is also the sexiest fabric and a feminine accent material for the gown of a goddess.  Lace is also a beautiful, enchanting decoration for special witchcraft ceremonies as well as altars.  Magical places adorned with black lace will bring out the inner goddess. 

Chantilly lace is gorgeous.  It is one of the original forms of lace and can be identified by the floral and vines scroll work on a very fine net backing.  This lace is the type made with bobbins that originated in the French town of Chantilly which is north of Paris. 

A favorite examply of Chantilly lace is shown in this exquisite photograph.  It’s by a lace designer based in Vancouver Christine Morton.  The chemise in her goddess collection is ballet pink silk with black Chantilly lace adornments.  A black lace embellishment can completely transform your outfit into a work of art.  Whether its Leavers, Guipure, or Chantilly lace, every witch should have a little lace in their lingerie drawer or wiccan wardrobe.  It’s a small piece of fabric that makes the biggest difference. 

To transform your fashion into Wiccan goddess embrace the beauty of lace.  Your witchcraft attire will be turned into fine art and you’ll go from plain jane into Wiccan goddess of natural beauty.

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